operation: april fool’s

So, with the inundation of april fools pranks pulled over friends, loved ones, enemies and strangers like tightening the strings on a hoodie, I decided to undertake a ruse of my own.

Context: while Mark and I are trying to sell our house in West Palm, we’ve been shacking up in my parent’s guest room [nice, I know]. We’re both in grad school, working 60+ hrs a week. Therefore, when you ask us if we’re ready for kids, well, you can imagine our response. “We’re just not ready” or “It wouldn’t be fair to bring a child into something like this”. We’re looking at 5-10 more years. Then, we’ll be ready.

As I came home from teaching last night around eleven o’clock, I carried a little plastic bag. Mark’s curiosity came over him and he took the bag from my hands. It was positive. The pregnancy test was positive.


We had our laughs, then brought the test to my mom…who, with tear-filled eyes subsequently woke up my dad [who goes to work at 5 am] to tell him the news. Seriously, I tried to stop her. But it was too late. It’s a wonder that they haven’t sent us packing to live on the street and feast at the Catholic Charities’ soup kitchen.

Thank God for a family w/ a good sense of humor.

How’d I do it? Well, it’s nothing an spontaneous trip to the store, a pregnancy test and a pregnant student can’t solve.

Oh, the joys of life!


4 thoughts on “operation: april fool’s

  1. wow. my mom is so desperate for grandkids that if i pulled this kind of thing on her, i seriously think she’d never speak to me again!! but, it was a good one 😉

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