from womb to tomb – Numbered days


I went to a funeral today. There is something sobering yet so regal about funerals. My heart grieves for the family, yet I find the ceremony, traditions and rituals we put toward this “life event” so significant, not only to honor the life of the individual and to honor the family and friends but also to honor the magnitude of the event itself.
However, this also made me conscious of the number of days I have to make an impact on my world. What can I do with them? The days are limited, for sure.
As serendipitous as it may seem, I just received an e/m that provided a spreadsheet that measured my time here on earth from the moment I was born until the very second I completed it!

My life in numbers:

I was born on a Wednesday.
I have lived 10,107 days
I’ve lived 332 months
I’ve been alive for 242,561 hours
I’ve been alive for 14553636 minutes
I’ve been alive for 873218194 seconds

According to this, I’ve slept approximately 80, 854 hours, which means I’ve spent 3,369 days sleeping, which is 33% of my life thus far!

I’ve had 1,047,861,833 heartbeats

I share a birthday with Lucille Ball, David Robinson and Andy Warhol.

I have 37 years to retirement, which is 13,633 days, which turns out to be 9,738 total workdays…which will be on August 5, 2045!

Through this, I am both disappointed and inspired.

O teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom.
Psalms 90.12


4 thoughts on “from womb to tomb – Numbered days

  1. I was going to say “screw the 37 years to retirement, let’s retire today!” but then reconsidered b/c that could be taken multiple ways, and I don’t want to get booted off the internet for being scandalous!
    So instead, I’ll safely say “yes, let’s retire and live on the beach!”

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