Band Name: Rock Band

I was introduced to the wonderful world of Rock Band this past weekend.

I sucked.

Mark rocked.

Go figure.

When reliving our experience with Steph, one of my friends from Cleveland State, she said that she wants to someday create a Rock Band Band. Original, I know!

However, lo and behold…it’s been done! Check out this video Mark showed me… if only I had these skills instead of getting less than 60% on every stinkin instrument I touched. I guess I’ll stick to counseling and teaching.


6 thoughts on “Band Name: Rock Band

  1. Don’t hate on Bon Jovi! Where do you think I gained my inspiration for my Rock Band solo?

    It’s games like Rock Band that make me wonder if I should have been in a band playing or singing!

  2. @julie: no kidding! You should see him…you’d be proud!
    I’m not so sure he’s confident enough to actually use the guitar I bought him…baby steps, I’m happy w/ baby steps!

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