When talking to a friend about the other day’s post, her retort to our messed up priorities was that these joys of life are rewards for a hard days work. So, does this mean that our 9-5 carries more weight than the miles families have to walk for a clean glass of water or proper sanitation? So maybe this resistance to relinquish even the smallest part of our comfort comes from this wonderful word called “entitlement”. You see, we tend to feel that since we have worked hard and played by the rules, we have earned the right to enjoy the rewards of our efforts. That’s one way to look at it, but it ignores the pure luck involved in being born into a society that provides the opportunity for such decadence in the first place.
It all boils down to a simple matter of priorities. As much as we’d like to place the responsibility our governments; we have the wherewithal to make the world a more just and equal society. At the moment, we’re placing a higher value on ring tones and ice cream than human life. That’s our choice.


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