makeshift drivers ed vs. nintendo mario kart

Did you ever…

  • Sit behind the immense steering wheel in your parent’s car, turning the wheel left-and-right maneuvering yourself in imaginary lanes in your fast-paced driveway?
  • Sit in your dad’s lap in the driver’s seat, while he let you steer the car in the driveway at a steady 2 miles an hour?
  • Drive through the half-paved roads in your grandma’s hometown at the ripe old age of 13 just to dodge the oncoming traffic, who also wanted to drive “on the good side of the street”? Ok, so this last one is a bit subjective, but still.

Well, none of that prepared me for getting creamed by my nephew in our duel as sparring cars in some Nascar racing game. Ugh, why didn’t I play more Nintendo Mario Kart growing up rather than illegally sitting behind the wheel? Ugh!


3 thoughts on “makeshift drivers ed vs. nintendo mario kart

  1. I would like to remind you that you also got behind the wheel and somehow got the car into neutral and ended up reversing (a Nova) into the street.

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