Are you in shape?

I’m working on the final pieces of a research project. The premise [or hypothesis] seeks to find out the implications mentoring has on individuals – this can be spiritually as well as emotionally, physically, socially, etc.

I’d like to include personal testimonies, so if you have or have had a mentor who has affected your life or impacted who you are today, please e/m me or comment. I’d love to share your story!

For me??? My mom has been my longstanding mentor. She is the one who initiated the beginning of my walk with Christ and is the one who challenges me in all areas of life. Mark, my forever dream boat, awakens my soul and opens my eyes to new and exciting perspectives while he encourages me to grow through my experiences – he spurs me on intellectually while he urges me to take time for much needed rest. C. S. Lewis shows me the beauty in strengthening the mind and the spirit and how to use them together as a didactic approach to spirituality. Rob Bell teaches me how to unabashedly embark on the Scriptures finding allure and magnificence in the context all the while applying it to the relevance of my life today. Connie Post was the one who motivated me to step out and do something different, no matter the pressure, and Kelly Shultz taught me how to be me in my own skin.

These mentors are family, friends, current mentors, past mentors, people I’ve known, people I wish I could have known, people I’ve never even met, people who are older than me, younger than me, my same age, or dead. YET, they have shaped me and molded me into who I am today.

If you have a sec, e/m me or place a comment below to share your story and let me know if I can use your story in my research.

Who has shaped you?


One thought on “Are you in shape?

  1. thanks to those who are sending your list…you are wonderful!
    keep em’ coming…and feel free to share them w/ the world too…I know it’s audacious to say this, but I’m sure they’d love to hear it too!

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