Top 10: things I don’t eat…

  1. Mushrooms – my excuse is that they’re fungus, but so is cultured yogurt, so I suppose I’m hypocritical
  2. Sandwiches or hamburgers that are too big to get your mouth around
  3. Lunchmeat sandwiches, especially those with bologna – I’m suspicious of what they grind up to put in them. I’m sure they’re safe, but safe just isn’t good enough. In high school, I was told if you put a slice of that stuff on the hood of a car, it would strip the paint overnight. I believed it.
  4. Canned yams, corned beef hash, and asparagus…all for different reasons.
  5. Navel oranges – it feels inhumane to peel them
  6. Baby food – self explanitory
  7. At one time, I loved lemon meringue pie, but only when my grandma made it. No one can even come close to the amazingness of my grandma’s pie.
  8. Oatmeal raisin cookies. I like oatmeal; I like raisins…but just not the two together.
  9. Collard greens
  10. Finally, anything considered a cute animal by disney. Yes, that includes bambi, thumper and nemo too.

2 thoughts on “Top 10: things I don’t eat…

  1. @brian: well, the collard greens is b/c they’re just sad. The asparagus? Yeah, you pegged it…anything that can change a bodily function that dramatically should be federally banned!

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