Let. Us. Pray. {update. Oh God.}

Dear friends and family,

Last night at around 9pm [PDT] our father, Peter, went to be with Jesus. He and my mother, Debby, had been traveling in Zambia and South Africa doing agriculture training and visiting friends. At the time they were in Johannesburg on the last day of their trip. After a week of some concerning health symptoms, he stopped breathing early Wednesday morning and was unable to be revived.

Our family would covet your prayers during this difficult time. My mother was alone after his death, but by the grace of God and help from a few compassionate people, is returning to the US right now. Please pray for strength and peace in this time of grief and confusion.

In God’s Grace,
Brie & Erin


4 thoughts on “Let. Us. Pray. {update. Oh God.}

  1. cathi, please let brie and her family know that i will be praying and keeping them in my thoughts. i know from personal experience that losing your dad suddenly can be the most painful heartache imaginable. God bless her mother on a safe journey home. I am wishing them much peace and comfort.

  2. Cathi,
    It was with great sorrow that I read your friend’s post about losing her dad. Having just gone through my own medical emergency with my dad I weep for her pain. God is soverign & He is in the midst of everything that touches us. I know that we only grow in the valley but that knowledge doesn’t seem to help at times like this. I pray that God will show Himself to this family. And I know from my own dark valley experiences that He will be walking with them at this time.

    [transferred from alternate post]

  3. @tracy: thank you so kindly for your prayers for my friend and her family. We will continue lifting them up to our sovereign Creator over and over and over again. Thank you, tracy, thank you.

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