Let. Us. Pray.

What would you do if your dad was hospitalized on an entirely different continent than you, unable to breathe on his own and there was not a single thing you could do?
And Pray some more.
A few months ago, I wrote a post about my remarkable friend, Brie Reimer, who had recently been betrothed by her one true love. Mark will be officiating their wedding this June in California.
In the past, Brie and her dad had gone to Africa together to assist in creating resource centers for proper water, sanitation and agricultural needs in underdeveloped African countries to help stop the downward cycle of poverty while bringing the people spiritual hope in Christ. This holistic approach to missions is truly a moving and living work of art.
Brie’s dad returned to Africa to continue fulfilling the multidimensional needs of these people. I got the phone call last night to say that Brie’s dad has gotten bronchitis and is now unable to breathe on his own.
I’m not sure how to pray, but I beg, I plead, as a blogging community, shout out a petition to the Creator and Sustainer of Life itself, whose very breath began creation and is the force behind His written Word.
Let. Us. Pray.


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