progressive revelation

So on Friday, Mark, Andy, Meri and I went to “The Prog”, as Andy affectionately calls Cleveland’s Progressive Field. After some good negotiating with a scalper [heavens, that sounds painful], Andy hooked us up and we all saw the Tribe spank the Yankees 6-4.

Here’s to the memories:


3 thoughts on “progressive revelation

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  2. blah blah blah.
    indians indians indians.
    enjoyed your comment on my blog tonite. then clicked over and got stuck – must. go. to. bed. now.
    glad santa is alive – strange to read that saga backwards.

    about your blog?
    love it.
    you’re now in my feed reader. so i’ll be back!

  3. @Mandy: don’t hate. don’t hate.
    It’s easy to see you’ve been blinded by dirty socks…I mean they’re red, right?
    And your blog, my newfound friend, is stellar. Nice to meet you.

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