Dear Dr. Zev Harel…

Thank you for creating and encouraging dreams

Thank you for finding value in your students

Thank you for honoring my thoughts and opinions

Thank you for molding me into a “future professional colleague” who would make you proud

Thank you for not allowing me to give second-best

Thank you for pushing me to do better

Thank you for requiring ethical practices

Thank you for seeing my success as your success

Thank you for showing me true social work practice through your example

Thank you for your “open door policy”

Thank you for your kind heart

Thank you for your lessons outside of the classroom

Thank you for your mutual respect

Thank you for your wise words

Zev, I am honored to be on the last leg of this race of yours as a professor here at CSU. I consider myself blessed to be cheering you on as you venture into yet another race with your favorite girlfriend. I am forever grateful for the social worker you have helped me to become and look forward to seeing how the lessons you have taught me will bear fruit in the future. Thank you, Zev, and keep running!
Your future professional colleague, 

Cathi C. Stegall

Dr. Harel is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, and received graduate degrees from The University of Michigan (M.S. W.) and Washington University (Ph.D.), St. Louis, Missouri. He has been at C.S. U .for more than twenty-five years. He has been teaching gerontology and social work courses and has been serving as a consultant for service and educational institutions and on editorial boards of aging and social work journals.

Dr. Harel has conducted research, presented and written extensively on extreme stress and aging, ethnicity and aging and vulnerable populations. He has more than sixty refereed journal articles and book chapters and more than sixty invited national and international presentations.

Dr. Harel has been serving in leadership roles with local, state and national organizations in social work and aging. Dr. Harel, a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America, has been honored with the Arnold Heller Memorial Award by Menorah Park; the Outstanding Researcher in the State of Ohio; a NASW Lifetime Achievement Award; AGHE Distinguished Teacher Award; the Golden Achievement; and the Elie Wiesel Award.

[csu faculty page]


4 thoughts on “Dear Dr. Zev Harel…

  1. After having the privilege of meeting Dr. Harel, I can undertand how such a man can inspire and encourage you. You are blessed – as is he.

  2. Dr. Harel is an amazing person and has inspired us all to be the greatest Social Workers that we can. CSU has been fortunate and is retiring an asset to the community and school. Good Luck Dr. Harel in all your endeavors.

  3. @John: thanks for chiming in! Thanks to Dr. Harel, our cohort will be a stinkin awesome bunch of “future professional colleagues”!!!
    Also, thank to your previous coursework in research, we’ll be well prepared for what the world sends our way! I just loved those ppt presentatins you got from Lake Erie College…they were so specific! Thanks a bunch and can’t wait for our next get together!

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