Do you forgive me, check ‘yes’ or ‘no’

I heart C.S. Lewis.
As I’ve said in previous conversations, posts, presentations and journals, C.S. Lewis is the mentor in my life who wraps splendor, conviction and intrigue into our mentoring rapport – our dialogue remains unsullied…granted, the man is dead, however the truth in his writings are more fresh and alive to me than the waves in the ocean and the stars in the sky.
Tell me, does this quote sting your soul with heart-changing venom as it did mine?

Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea, until they have something to forgive…And then, to mention the subject at all is to be greeted with bowls of anger.
Mere Christianity [1952], book 3, chapters 7 & 9


when Fred met Wilma {the paradox of impressions}

{tales of mere existence creates those videos on youtube that you either love for the laughs or can rip apart with theory, practice and postulation…today, I choose to laugh}

watch this video, then read this excerpt from a piece of my heart stuck in Florida, miss Julie

I am “packing”…. and here’s what that means… I am going to California, for the weekend, for a conference where I will most likely wear my “Urban Youth Impact” Staff shirt 2 of the 3 days I will be there… I have been “packing” for 4 hours… I pack, do some laundry, then a card fell behind my dresser in my closet, but after taking everything out of my closet and then deciding that I needed to vacuum the closet, then my room, and then the hallway…. the card was not behind the dresser, it was beside it… but now everything is out of my closet and on my bed.. so I am purging… a few shirts here, a pair of shoes there… refolded my sweaters to put them away for the year… rehang the previously mentioned card, and read and re-tape all the other memories in my closet… now things that had been collecting in my closet, are on my bed – I am on the clean edge typing….

Awww heck….

You now know why I love “the way her noodle twirls”!!!

did Jesus drink coffee in a ceramic mug too?

Every year, Americans drink more than 100 billion cups of coffee. Of those, 14.4 billion are served in disposable paper cups— enough to wrap the earth 55 times if placed end-to-end! Those paper cups contain a plastic lining made from a petrochemical that would produce enough energy to heat 8,300 homes. That’s a town the size of Newtown, Connecticut.

I find myself swimming in those statistics [In all actuality, I believe I account for at least 33.3333% of that annual amount of coffee consumption].
In a recent e/m conversation w/ Miss Mandy Mac, I was confronted w/ the fact that my out-of-the-office office essentially is our local café. Nice to know I have an “office” in almost every city in the US and abroad…quite flexible quarters, I might add. However, within this beautiful bureau of beans, I am also contributing myriad o’ starbucks cups to the ever-growing landfill…even with the new logo, this two finned, overweight, provocative Siren with an ironic resemblance to those malicious ladies from Homer’s Odyssey shouldn’t have to live thousands of years next to last year’s Cosmo magazines and Donnie Osmond’s Rainbow Bright doll.
Hence, another one of my green living life changes…Ergo, I will request a ceramic mug proudly and do my part of saving the planet. Let’s do it for good ol’ Newtown, Connecticut. Who’s with me???

If my heart moves to Nashville, where the heck is my body?

The following video is an introduction to a great portion of my heart…her name’s Nicole Roberts. Nicole is moving to Nashville this next week to work with Mercy Ministries. Her very presence brings joy to my spirit, so I am sad to see her go…but I thought I’d introduce you to her and let you know how you can best pray for this amazing woman, who will be serving as a catalyst in helping to restore the lives of girls needing transformation, charity and hope…

inescapable elements candidly mentioned in aforementioned video

mercy ministries

Nashville, Tennessee
Sunny Cleveland
point o’ grace
panera bread

what if gas cost $10 a gallon?

I saw this question on MSN’s front page this evening…and almost lost the tangerines I had sitting in my stomach from dinner. The following question was “How would a $132 fill up change your life?”

Well, to say the least, I think I’d barf a little every day, so I might be another 2 sizes smaller. Furthermore, I have a slew of friends who work domestically and overseas as missionaries. Therefore, their entire income is based on the philanthropy of others. I’m curious how the world would react to this gaseous insanity in regard to their giving. In 2006, it was all the rage to give to your heart’s content [props to bradgelina], but with the rise in the cost of living [i.e., gas, food, energy], can we keep the generosity flowing and continue supporting these local and global change agents? My heart says yes; unfortunately, my online bank statement might say otherwise. Are missionaries then on the wrong side of the oreo cookie?

So, I’m glad I don’t have to think of a post-post question since MSNBC did it for me…
“At $10/gal…How would a $132 fill up change your life?”