Contrary to popular opinion, Santa’s not dead

So, I’ve had some complaints about the picture in the previous post. First of all, my dad bears a strong and clear reseblance to Santa. Secondly, my dad looks like he’s dead. Consequently, it seems as though Santa’s dead. Furthermore, I look as though I’m happy about it. Sick suppositions, people. Really now.
However, no worries, my friends…calm your inner-child-like fears. All is well at the North Pole and things are getting better w/ my dad.
I’ll try to post happier pictures tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Contrary to popular opinion, Santa’s not dead

  1. YEAH!!! Santa’s not dead! Thank God! I mean really, it does kinda make sense though…I would have a hernia too if I had to carry all of the world’s children’s toys around in a big red sack!! Santa kinda got screwed into that job! I would need some elves to help me lug all that stuff around!

  2. yeah, didn’t you hear that santa recently signed a deal w/ uhaul? It was pretty significant news some time ago. Evidently, elves are striking…or streaking…one or the other.

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