Cleveland vs Papa John’s … Cleveland Fights Back 23 cents at a time

So, this blunder shown in game 6 made Papa John’s eat their words.

After united voices from Cleveland bombarded the Papa John’s execs, the high hats clearly had no choice but to repent and atone for this idiotic display of ridiculous sponsorship.
So, in response and as their act of contrition, this Thursday [May 8th], Papa John’s stores in Cleveland are offering customers a large one-topping carry-out pizza for 23 cents. Along with this “generosity” Papa John’s will also donate $10,000 this week to the Cavaliers Youth Fund….so I say we all take them up on this kind offer and purchase our 23 cent pizzas this Thursday. Honestly, I just want Papa John’s to pay for their stupidity, that’s all.


The MSNBC article
The ESPN article
Local News article

Now, who’s in the mood for PIZZA!?! [eat that, papa john’s!]


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