Blog rollin w/ my homies

So what’s this here? New peeps represented on Yes, yes there are.

Let me take the time to introduce you to my never-met but new-found friends:
Petey Crowder: This dandy fellow is a friend of Andy’s…He’s a seminarian and a pastor, a husband and a father to one adorable kiddo w/ a shmancy name
Brian Alexander: Relatively new to this wonderful world of blogging, Brian took the posts by force. He has a great blogging mentor and a fantastic blogroll himself.
Mandy Thompson: The brilliant thing about this blogging community is the myriad of people you can find by pure happenstance. Mandy is one of them. She defines a blogging community, for she uses her comments as the leverage. She even created a video for blogging etiquette! Who knew?!?
Heather Whittaker: If blogging would ever change its name, it would be changed to whits or hlog. Whittaker here redefines blogging and actually has made me rethink my apprehension and avoidance of having children. Once I stop by her blog, I’m there for at least a ½ hour enjoying her quips on life, motherhood and her experiences of being a non-traditional pastor’s wife.

So, go ahead, take some time and see what the world wide web of bloggers has to offer! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


16 thoughts on “Blog rollin w/ my homies

  1. see. the bad thing about this is (there’s always a bad thing if you look long enough).
    anyway. the bad thing about this is that you’re not gonna believe me when i tell you that i wrote up MY version of THIS post last night.
    i beat you to it. my new list of five.
    but you won’t believe me.
    cause its not going up ’til thursday.
    and you’ll think i’m copying you.
    which wouldn’t be a bad idea, because you are that blog-tastic.
    but i didn’t.
    you copied me and they don’t even know it.


  2. na-na-na-na-na-na [ugh! Another one that doesn’t transfer as well via text. junk!]

    But you win.

    [I’m not very competitive. Can you tell? My husband’s parents hate playing games w/ me b/c I always let people win…it’s more fun for me that way]

    Can’t wait to see that pretty post of yours though!
    And seriously blog-tastic is a phenomenal word. phe-nom-in-al!
    I’m gonna steal that one too…just call me copy-cat!

  3. how ’bout we copy each other and call it even?

    i used “blog-tastic” with someone else the other day and they looked at me like i had lost my mind.
    glad to know i’m being understood over here in these parts.

  4. @tam: seriously, I’ve “known” mandy for 2 days and can already say that I completely agree…but you’re not too shabby yourself, dear!

    @heather: the words came naturally…We honestly have been looking at holt international b/c of your story.

  5. @petey: Yeah, your inherently cool b/c you know Mark’s bff…and to add a good blog to the mix…I just couldn’t help myself!

    @tam: nice new verbage…well done!

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