Intelligent Design?

Antediluvian Rockstar…so, what does this say about Rock Band, Guitar Hero or American Idol?


19 thoughts on “Intelligent Design?

  1. cadbury bunny, cadbury gorilla…not quite sure on their marketing strategies, but honestly, brian…I can eat chocolate if it was advertised by Pee Wee Herman dressed up as a Kennedy.

  2. Yah – I was thinking a bunny or a cow would have been great playing the drums.

    but then again…I am a sucker for hairy male drummers.


  3. When I was growing up we had a house cat named Precious. My chore was to take it for walks.

    on a leash.

    have you EVER seen a cat on leash.

    they’re like spawns of Satan!

    it was all too traumatic…

  4. that’s the coolest thing EVER.
    We have two kittens who are satan’s spawns w/o a leash…ohh, i could only imagine.

    my cat story…
    when we moved to Ohio from Florida, I bought a humongous dog cage that we put in the back of our suv w/ the rest of our moving boxes…10 minutes into the trip, I opened the door to the cage and let them roam around the boxes…there blows $130.

  5. I’m jealous…the only thing cadbury I grew up on was the eggs…sometimes good, sometimes wonderful!
    And cool is kewel, is kewel is cool…a rose is still a rose, yes?
    These videos make me crack up! Anyone dressed up in monkey gear can get a laugh out of me!

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