when smiley emotocons don’t seem to work…

[The nieces go shopping]

Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.
C. S. Lewis

Now this fills up my nine-tenths pretty quickly! So what must happen to the other one-tenth?


10 thoughts on “when smiley emotocons don’t seem to work…

  1. Who are these beauties? yours?

    i’m not telling you how many times today i’ve stopped by to see if the gorilla was down a notch.
    not telling at all.

  2. oh mandy, I’m too scared to have little me’s running around…I was the recipient of “the mother’s curse”…yeah, that’s enough to scare the swiss family robinsons from procreating!

    I’m all for skipping work…hookies are rockstars!

  3. i always wanted to live like the Swiss Family Robinsons. i’m just sayin’

    unfortunately, i DO have an addictive personality – and blogging pushed me over the edge.
    moderation moderation moderation.
    not so much

  4. I’m not judgin’ or anything…but why in the world would you want to fight off pirates with homemade coconut bombs, dress up like a boy to escape said pirates, or don an outrageous banana leaf hat, but beyond that…to leave friggin switzerland – the land of all things chocolate?!?!!
    …but I ain’t gonna lie, the idea of living in the mac mansion of a tree house is pretty stellar

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