The stegalls take columbus, take 1

caught your attention?

yeah, I’m sure.

We got a killer room at the Hyatt and decided to share a little tour for the fun of it.

This cut was after we realized we recorded 6 minutes of video w/o pushing the right key…it’s my favorite 4 second video EVER! Stegall archives, here we come!

look for take 3 soon…yeah, we skipped 2, I know. I know.


4 thoughts on “The stegalls take columbus, take 1

  1. i haven’t laughed that hard in so stinkin long…that whole idea that laughter is the best medicine…Solomon wasn’t kidding!

    [special note: I decided to change the name of the post…it seemed a bit too scandalous…doesn’t sound like a pastor’s wifey kind of post, ya know]

  2. yeah…I woke up in the middle of the night to change it “Hotel Action”…and not to mention that the still frame YouTube chose for this was originally a still shot of, you guessed it, the. bed.
    Mark said that we could have given it 3 hours until he got “the phone call”

    Hence, the change to something a little “safer”
    [but I’m glad you know the “real” me via bloglines]

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