Top 10…things my mom has taught me

10. If you unbutton your bellybutton, your butt will fall off
9. Placing things in straight lines makes a room instantly look more organized
8. “Pink Stuff” is a secret Currey recipe that one must always bring to a potluck
7. Toothpaste takes the itch out of mosquito bites
6. When all else fails, put a doily on it
5. You can travel anywhere just by opening up a book
4. If it’s not bleeding or broken, you’re fine
3. During any confrontation, the most reasonable response is “I wouldn’t argue with you if I were wrong”
2.  “Uh-Oh” is a bad word
1. Mom has eyes in the back of her head, so you have something else coming if you think you’ll get away with trying to pee behind the pool instead of going inside the house.


5 thoughts on “Top 10…things my mom has taught me

  1. #1- what about peeing IN the pool? we can still get away with that, can’t we???

    i’m headed to Daytona. like NOW.
    but wanted to say have a GREAT GREAT week. don’t work too hard. i’ll stalk/lurk next weekend when i’m back. muahahahahah….

  2. Oh but mandy, my “trail” always lingered too long. Even if I swam away, it followed!
    We also had a sign that read, “Welcome to our ool, notice there’s no ‘P’ in it, please keep it that way”.

  3. Enjoy florida, wave at my house for me…it probably doesn’t miss me b/c it knows we’ve abandoned it and are trying to get rid of it, but I have the faint belief that it still loves me as I love it. Wave, will you?

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