the stegalls take columbus, take 3

Uno, dose, three!!! Well, minus the dose.

So, as much as you may think this is some scandalous encounter w/ the stegalls, it is merely our thrill of a moment out of the guest room {shaken, not stirred} with a killer hotel experience.

It’s the tour, Einstein. What can I say…we’re easily impressed.

Caveat: she’s about 8 minutes long, so if you’re like me, you may just watch the first few seconds and fast forward to the end…I’m ok w/ that. I don’t judge.

don’t forget to shoot over to mark’s blog – don’t tell, but he’s a superhero disguised as a pastor


19 thoughts on “the stegalls take columbus, take 3

  1. $40?!?! oh my gosh!! that is MY kind of deal!! way to go cathi!
    you guys are so cute. glad you were able to have a weekend of r&r for yourselves 🙂

  2. @marjie: it was so stinkin amazingly fun! So, I guess you can say, I’m smitten! Next stop…Hocking Hills, right???

    @andy: I know, I said the same thing…that’s where the “we’re easily impressed” originated. You know, us stegalls, we love us some granite! Just imagine if there had been marble!?!

    @jules: So, if this made you miss me, what would it have been had it been 3-D?!?!

  3. You crack me up! LOL now I want to take to do some footage of every where we go! wouldn’t that be “oh my come those jesus freaks and they are making movies out everything they do” well it would get attention for the whole outreach thing! 😆

  4. i’ve just come down with a bad case of motion sickness.

    why hasn’t anyone brought up the fact that the two of you are AWAY on a VACAY and the bed is nicely made?
    and you’re ‘free time’ goes towards a video…?
    cough cough….

  5. it sounds so intriguing to keep it a secret, doesn’t it!
    Wouldn’t you just LOVE to know???

    [honestly…it was the video where we gave ‘the tour’ and the sound was off…our level of said bedroom adventure only goes so far…now, if Mark even had the faintest idea of what I’m writing here as he sits beside me…I think he’d flip!]

    thank you Jesus for unconditional love!!!

  6. fortunately, I don’t think he gives a stink about comments.

    But good heavens, he’s a hottie!!!!
    You know, he woke me up this morning just to take me to breakfast?

  7. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and why do i feel like we’ve gotten into an online chat via your blog?? is it the newly added comment list in your right sidebar that gives it away?

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