the stegalls take columbus [late night snack]

I, like my newfound friend, am a high maintenance sleeper.

My face mask [or pseudo face mask…aka, mark’s shirt] and earplugs are my battle gear in order to most effectively fight off the ugly monster who hides under my bed, called chronic insomnia.

Well…guess what I forgot to pack?

So, instead of sleeping, here are some pics from our trip to columbus thus far…


8 thoughts on “the stegalls take columbus [late night snack]

  1. it’s some greek symbol that means forgiveness…it’s pretty flippin great. He said it hurt like no tomorrow though, b/c of all the nerve endings at the wrist.
    He’s got “the itch” now and wants another one next year. It’s never good to get any ink in the summer b/c it takes longer to heal. I guess.

    And domino…well, I thought I ran out of my subscription, but I keep on getting them in the mail…I”m not complaining, nope, I”m not!
    I read through the last issue on our way to columbus, and you’re right…it was soooo good!
    Honestly, it’s one of the best stinkin magazines I’ve gotten. Quite pleased, I am, quite pleased.

  2. ps: there’s something sitting there in your “top posts” section called ‘we missed you mandy’. —->
    where did it go?

    i won’t be sad too long.
    sara bareilles is singing to me.

  3. Yeah, high maintenance sleeper club member here! And the fact that you’re rubbing in the fact that you were surrounded by such bliss may make me have to fend off my healthy coping mechanisms and BRING ON THE JEALOUSY!

    And the “we missed you mandy” post was only up for 12 hours…if you must, I’ll send you the link [since it was created for you in the first place…]

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