the psychosis of blogging

In the past week, I found a slew of blogs on the topic of blog addiction. This pandemonium is heightening fiercely and may very well be the new epidemic of the floating universe!

Here are the top 2 said posts [from my very limited opinion, that is]:

Am I addicted???? by Tam
From the Blogging basement
by Los

And the sad thing is, The New York Times did an article on the psychosis of blogging in 2004…

Where some frequent bloggers might label themselves merely ardent, Mr. Pierce is more realistic. “I wouldn’t call it dedicated, I would call it a problem,” he said. “If this were beer, I’d be an alcoholic.”

Hi. I’m Cathi. And I too am a blogging addict. Let’s face it, we all have our little addictions…


19 thoughts on “the psychosis of blogging

  1. Hi Cathi! thanks for sharing…at BA (Bloggers anynomous) I too am addicted to blogging, and go through withdrawal symptoms if I have no connection! 🙄

  2. No doubt!!!

    Now that I’ve come out – I feel SO much better!

    But honestly…I have met some of the GRRRREATEST people from blogging. Lil Miss Darla up there – don’t get me started! LOVE her!!! So much so her whole family is coming out to see us next month. From across the country!!! How cool is that???

    A few days before they get here another blogging friend from TX is coming to visit us. Amazing!

    I have a couple dates open in July Cathi – wanna come play??? Huh? Ya wanna?!! 😀

  3. Yeah ummmm I think I need some help too!! I check the blogs on my berry when we’re out. I think I need help and much prayer because my husband is about to throw my laptop and my berry out the window LOL. Not really. I’m pretty good at trying to balance like right now he’s at work until 10:30 so I am catching up. And other times if he’s watching sports or playing video games, I hop on the computer. Really. I am not in denial….

  4. oh, neither am i…now, my husband and I sit next to each other on the couch, both with the light of our macbooks shining on our faces…blogging.
    Worse yet, a few nights ago, I had a dream w/ people whom I’ve never met! Blogging friends were in my dream! Now, that spells “issue”.

  5. uuu – well – hmmm…. if I tell you where i live you wont want to come.

    OK – so both Brent and I have MacBooks and we are sitting side by side right now….blogging!

    we’ll probably IM each other in a little bit. Just for fun!

    When we go to bed tonight, we’ll likely sit with our laptops again.

    and we’re good with that.

    well. not ALL the time 😉

    I’ve yet to dream of blogging friends. So I’m thinking you are officially the Biggest BA 😀

  6. Dreams. Hmmmm. Well I pray for all my blogger friends and write their names in my prayer journal; is that worse than dreams? I think we should have a BA competition and the winner gets a whole day of blogging and everyone comments on their blog [talk about feeding the addiction…TERRIBLE!]

    My hubby is not a computer person at all [which is a good thing because we only have one computer/laptop MINE MINE MINE!] but he will listen and try to keep up with me when I share things from the blogging world with him. We sit next to each other–he holds the PS3 controller and plays NBA Live and I blog. Perfect. Don’t hate.


  7. my husband is starting to finally “get” me in this area now that he’s started blogging… or anti-blogging.

    it helps to be understood.

  8. @tam…yeah, the dreams started w/ meeting the Whittakers somewhere in Texas. Why the Lonestar state? No clue. Try putting that one on for size, Sigmud Freud!
    And Mark and I actually love blogging next to each other…he’s my inspiration, and I’m his…um…distraction. And i/m’s get pretty creative in the stegall household! I’ll stop there.

    @gi: truly, who else is more skilled…it must be from years of practice in bumper cars! Go for the parked ones, they get the most distance!

    @gch: I love the balance you guys have, “he holds the PS3 controller and plays NBA Live and I blog”…we should write a marriage book: “How to love life, your marriage, AND blogging!”

    @alece: you know, I stopped over at his anti-blog yesterday…good glory, he had like 500 comments on one stinkin post!?!?! How in the world of blogging did he do that?

  9. I’m blogging about the same thing soon. I need advice on how to manage it without neglecting the rest of life. Believe me, I NEVER thought I would get so wrapped up in blogging!

  10. @brandi: I know!!! Mine started out as a tiny little blog on myspace, but when that site got taken over by overly-hormonal teenagers, I moved over to wordpress…and the rest is history!
    I like your story…It’s nice to have a fellow church planter represented here!

  11. i know… it’s pathetic. i’ve been blogging for 2 1/2 years and he did in one week what it’s taken me all this time to achieve.

    oh well.

  12. Oh alece…you know how it is…it’s like when the hubs grills and gets all the credit for a great meal, when all he did was fire up the sucker and slap some meat on it….oh well.
    Good thing we’ve got keepers!

  13. so.
    if i didn’t touch blogging for 7 days, does that mean i’m NOT an addict?

    dreams about fellow bloggers.
    been there.
    done that.
    designed the t-shirt.

    i need to say – for the record – that i’m SO not happy that you finally were hanging out on my blog this week, but i wasn’t there to play.
    we’ll need to play again soon. k?

  14. hey mandy mac! I do play well with others…so YES!!! I’ll come over and play anytime! Probably not 4 hours at a time, but of course! I feel tingly when I’m over there. You have nice friends.

    And alece…here’s to the technology of the grill! It keep me out of the kitchen…which is a VERY good thing!

  15. oh, alece…I’m dying to know this puppy’s name! I haven’t ventured to grit and glory yet, but I sure hope it’s on there! Don’t you remember what curiosity did to the cat?

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