mondays with marjie {procrastination}

The brilliance of Marjie strikes again! As stated in an earlier post, Marjie’s an internet genius…yeah, Gore, I believe she invented the internet. Marjie can find everything and anything pertinent to life, laughter and the world. I’ve begged her to start blogging, but my blogging evangelism has come up short. So, until she gives in and becomes a blogger herself, I will share her brilliance w/ you via…so, what’s this week’s treasure?

Procrastination…the best way to get through grad school! Now, to see it illustrated gives yet another reason to put off what actually needs to get done!

be sure to expect seeing more of these “Tales Of Mere Existence” here in the future…I like the way it tickles my funny bone.


9 thoughts on “mondays with marjie {procrastination}

  1. Yikes! That’s what i do almost every day!!!!

    I’m gonna work on that tomorrow.

    actually. no.

    next week I will.

    i have too many other things to do.

    dang it.

  2. isn’t it crazy how someone can illustrate how my brain works? First telephones, then computers, i pods, now this!?!?! What’s next? A machine that actually cooks a roast in seconds…oh, wait…

  3. Oh Lawd! I am nervous about my upcoming season being at home! I can just see it. Wake up. Blog. Blog. Eat. Nap. Blog. Eat. Blog. Night.

    Me: “I am exhausted!”
    Hubby: “What did you do all day?”
    Me: “Oh you know, a bit of this, a bit of that!”
    Hubby: “Oh poor baby, go get some rest.”



  4. “gch”…That’s a great abbreviation for her. Good job Cathi. I haven’t been able to sleep trying to think of an easy way to address her.

    Now I can get back to what I was doing.

    what was I doing?

  5. hahahaha i will have to catch up on blogs so i can get my stuff done..its hard to get stuff done when you are thinking about other things..and i want a clear mind when I get my stuff done..

  6. @tam…um…thanks to a little thing called “laziness”, I only typed the first three letters of her name and gave up. No credit there. But soooo glad I was able to aid your sleeping…sleeping is nice. I like it. A lot.

    @darla: seriously, isn’t it crazy how that one illustration sums up all the world’s problems at once?!?! Now, if that guy can figure out how politics work, we’ll be perfect!

  7. i must admit, i will never start blogging. i simply do not have the discipline nor desire to keep up with something like that! so, thanks for making me famous in “cathi stegall” world 🙂
    p.s. does this mean i have to send you something fun/bizarre/interesting on a weekly basis or do you have a catalog of things i’ve sent over the months?! hehe

  8. Well then, Marjie, I most certainly am going to have to bring your brilliance to this blogging world via this stegall fortress!
    …and yes…this DOES mean that you’ll have to send me something every week….even though I do have a catalog of Marjie’s musings on file!!! 😉

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