what does hunger feel like?

So, my blog not only serves to open the crevices of my brain and let it air out for the world to see, it also serves as an opportunity to get up an do something about issues attacking our beloved earth…yeah, this floating greenish/brownish/blueish thing that is suspended in the middle of the milky way galaxy…yep, that’s her.

I’m a part of several online social justice programs, but that doesn’t mean a glob of gook if I just read the cries for help and do nothing else about the pressing feeling inside that calls me to action. It’s kind of like a person who falls in love and refuses to show it. So, here’s my plight taken from several of my recent social justice emails…

The shocking recent headlines have created major concerns…our world is facing a hunger crisis. Not an “issue”, not a “problem”, but a crisis. In just three years, the price of staple foods like wheat, corn and rice has almost doubled. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said, “The rapidly escalating crisis of food availability around the world has reached emergency proportions.”

Well, I’ve guided you through writing your congress person in a previous post…so here’s another one for that “bucket list” of yours.

This summer, the leaders of the eight wealthiest nations (known as the Group of Eight or G8 ) will gather in Japan to set a global policy agenda. That agenda must include emergency action against hunger and long-term commitments to tackle the causes of this crisis.

By clicking this link, you’ll add your name to a petition from the ONE organization, calling on the G8 to take action to break the cycle of hunger.

The hunger crisis is a critical part of the anti-poverty agenda, and your name on the petition says that you too are asking the G8 to take action.
The hunger crisis is not going away…
Prices will keep rising…
More people will go hungry…
…UNLESS we make historic investments to help impoverished countries grow more food.

Food assistance needs to be matched with investment in agricultural development to break the cycle of hunger. A comprehensive approach is needed to increase agricultural productivity in poor countries including infrastructure investment, improved technology, and better access to water, seeds, tools and fertilizer.

Now, thanks to good ol’ wordpress, I can see how many amazing citizens we have visiting here on cathistegall.com who end up clicking the above link…I’d love to see at least 1/4 of my readers petition to help fight this war on global hunger.

Just a question…are you hungry? What have you eaten today? Did it cost you a month’s salary? How does a guilt complex taste to you?

{UPDATE: In the 1st hour, 5 people clicked the link! Rock on people. Rock on!!!}
{hour 2: +3}
{day 2: + 18}
{day 3: + 14…kudos to the peeps!}


6 thoughts on “what does hunger feel like?

  1. So how much of this crisis is due to Oil prices. I mean…staple foods have doubled in the last 3 years – and our oil has nearly tripled. The two have to go hand in hand. The picture is so much bigger.

    But I won’t get started on Oil on your blog. I’ve already done that on mudpuppys today. Oh Yay!

    going to petition now…..>>>>>

  2. I’m heading over to mudpuppy’s now!

    And Tam…I filled up my little 10 gallon tank for $40 yesterday. That’s sick, just sick!

    [thanks for clicking…I’m hoping to make a difference, if even a small one]

  3. @musing: of course! I’ll be sure to venture over to unite…that’s brilliant!

    @brian: you’re awesome…kind of like the ice cream truck man…you’re NEVER sad to see him come into the neighborhood!

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