baby yes? baby no?

I had one of the most amazing conversations with a college friend last night, and we inevitably got to the question, “so when are you going to have babies”? I realized my answer to said question would not suffice for long, so after this entertaining dialogue, I sat down and wrote one of those infamous lists my parents always coerced me to create prior to making a big decision…so, here’s my list:
Baby now:
Our generation has killer names for kids
We can dress them in mini H&M clothes
I like faux-hocks on kids

Baby later:
Finish schooling
Actually live in the house we own
With today’s technology, we’ll have better chances of being closer to cloning the perfect baby
So, I guess both lists are quite superficial and irrelevant…so, to answer the question most clearly…I have no idea. Right now, babies still scare the fool out of me. Watch the news, talk to any of my fellow social work colleagues or even go to the grocery store, and odds are, we all will discover that some people should never have children. What makes me any different?

[side note: please don’t think that one blog post is going to sway our decision one way or the other…the stegall’s procreation activities isn’t a “call to vote” proposition…I’ve just found that many people have opinions about kids and when to have them…so here’s mine.]


14 thoughts on “baby yes? baby no?

  1. I can’t speak to the question of when YOU should have babies, I can only state that, without a doubt, I’m glad we had you!

  2. We got pregnant (and by “we” I mean, he did nothing but impregnate & then watch and nearly pass out) 7 months after getting married. It was too soon. We nearly split from the stress.

    If you’re waiting until you can afford it…you’ll never be ready.

    No matter what we all say, we must love it, cuz we keep doing it again & again.

  3. but I’ll refrain…
    Mandy Thompson, you are now officially Mandy Mac on this here blog.
    And Mandy, you’re Mandy. Hope that’s ok w/ you.

    Executive decisions are best made with a grilled cheese sandwich.

  4. So, as I was saying, Mandy…I’m so up and down w/ this kid thing. Cathi in 1999 wanted 6 kids before 2010. Cathi in 2008 doesn’t even want to start having kids until 2013…and the list is growing!
    I’m going to be 50 before we’re “ready”!!!

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