what are alien friends for?

This is for you, Tam!

We’ll meet in jupiter…b/c it rhymes w/ stupider

additional pictures of Archimedes, the wonder kitten/mark’s trusty side-kick, enduring photo booth for my amusement [our other kitten, Einstein was inherently the smart one and is sleeping]

the no-effect photo…

the dent photo…

the fish-bowl photo…so this is what they see!


20 thoughts on “what are alien friends for?

  1. AAAhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    so you have to admit…it made you laugh didn’t it???

    it makes ME laugh!

    and we can be famous on uranus

  2. you’re still awake!!! OH, wait…you’re on the west coast…so, it’s not really 3 am and you’re still blogging…suddenly, I feel quite pathetic.

    And yes…I love doing this w/ the nieces and nephew…pics they’ll have in their future wedding videos, for sure!

  3. @mark: this cartoon has the hots for you!!!!

    @alece: yeah…all I can say is when I first heard you say the american-african thing…yeah, you immediately became uber-awesome in my world!!!

  4. You and the Taminator could both be stars on Mars; in tune on Neptune; Loony on the Moon and work-to-be on Mercury.

    I have NO idea what you’d find on Venus! 😯

    OCD AND Bi-polar – i see much therapy sessions in your horoscope! 🙂


  5. Oh Love…you have NO IDEA!!!!

    Your rhyming abilities awe me! You put Usher to shame, hip daddy-O!!!

    [I’m thinking Venus has much in store!!!!]

    And please, the more therapy sessions, the better job security I have! Bring. It. On!!!!

  6. Blogging as therapy! It just maight work? 🙂

    Venus? let’s hope no-one seen us! 😉

    And before, i thought Uranus was the ‘bad one’ 🙂

    It interesting to note though that Venus is named after the Roman Goddess of Love… and we all know what a can of worms that can sometimes turn out to be, don’t we folks? 🙂

    In astrology it is represented by the symbol for ‘woman’ a circle above a cross – + while Mars has the symbol for man.

    Astrology gave us the original way of determining time passing and vestiges of this linger in the names of the days of the week: Sun-day, Mo(o)n-day, Satur(n)-day.

    Fri(g)-day is still known as Vendredi in some languages and is the Day of Venus – this would work out to The Sixth Day (from Genesis) – the day God created mankind.

    Venus is also known as both the ‘evening’ and ‘morning star’.

    I am a font of useless knowledge. 🙂


  7. Good glory-ness, love! I think I need to request you as a special speaker for my class! That’ll keep ’em entertained for hours!!!!

    when I grow up…I want to be like love!

    Did you know that the original intention for the word “Milky Way” was meant to field the question, “Why did Zeus carry a candy bar in his back pocket?”

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