You might be OCD if…

So, you just might have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder if….

  • Your radio presets in your car are in numerical order
  • The idea of wiping down your dishes or counter-top with a sponge makes you sick to your stomach
  • You actually untie your shoes before taking them off of your feet
  • Even if you hate the book you’re reading or the show you’re watching, you have to stay until the end b/c you don’t quit in the middle of anything
  • Your phone speed dial numbers haven’t changed, even though you’ve changed your phone 3 times in the past 5 years
  • Every toilet you sit on gets the “hiney halo”, even your own
  • Washing your hands is a process: you take the paper towel, hold it between your elbow and side as you wash your hands, dry your hands with said towel, use said towel to both turn off the faucet and open the door to exit, then toss the towel in the trash outside of the restroom
  • Windshield wipers drive you nuts because they are never on a downbeat
  • You don’t understand what’s wrong with eating pizza with a fork and knife
  • If you break a nail, you might as well break all of them, b/c they need to be the same length
  • You keep alcohol wipes in your bag to wipe off gross surfaces you encounter every day…phones, computers, keyboards, hand rails, shopping carts, elevator buttons, etc.
  • You create rhythms to a ticking clock…therefore, one cannot be within listening distance when you’re trying to sleep
  • You sort your skittles out by color and eat the smallest pile first
  • Your pantry is sorted in alphabetical order…along with the business cards in your wallet
  • You pre-type all of your posts [and comments] in Word/Pages prior to publication in order to catch any spelling errors and avoid looking like an idiot over the wonderful inter-web for this world
  • All your iphoto pics are sorted by date and event
  • You’ve had the same shower routine for 10 years [shampoo-conditioner-face-rinse-shave-wash-rinse-dry]
  • You stay awake until you’ve finished writing a post that popped in your mind at 1 stinkin’ 30 in the morning!

[note: this post is not a diagnostic model…so if you’ve come here to get some type of OCD assessment, please stop looking at blogs for that and schedule an appt w/ your doctor]


32 thoughts on “You might be OCD if…

  1. The only ones I have – that I’ll admit to – are the windshield wipers and the tick-tock of a clock. Being a singer and always having music around me I notice everything like that!

    The other day my the dishwasher was running and a bowl was clanging on another dish inside. I stood there tapping my feet and wrote a little song. Then the rinse cycle started and threw off my groove. I actually had to leave in order to keep the old melody in my head.

    it’s really difficult being me.

  2. OH, Tam…I want to hear that song!!!!

    Oh, and getting up had nothing to do with “this morning”. not even a little.

    I need sleepy time tea on drugs. But it may be illegal in the lower 48.

  3. Yeah, I intentionally put some things in there my husband does, just so people wouln’t peg me right away. For example, “You actually untie your shoes before taking them off of your feet”
    Good thing he and I are so similar…otherwise, we’d kill each other in 2 hours!

  4. *You don’t understand what’s wrong with eating pizza with a fork and knife.

    I was rollin at this one! I don’t know if I’d call that being OCD though 😛 My mom told us never to eat pizza with our hands; we got into big trouble if we did especially in front of company.

    *You stay awake until you’ve finished writing a post that popped in your mind at 1 stinkin’ 30 in the morning!

    Hmmm I don’t recall a specific time but I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before.

    This was funny–thank you for the laugh 🙂

  5. @gch: So…your mom told you, eh? Did you know OCD can be hereditary???? Are we thinking predisposition? Do you eat your candybars w/ a fork and knife too? [p.s. that was one of the best Seinfeld episodes EVER!]

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA noooooo but I do have a strategy for those too like eating all the chocolate around a snickers or twix bar and then eating the filling.

    I haven’t seem that Seinfeld episode. Really used to enjoy the show but then got a little turned off by “Kramer’s” off-screen racial comments and didn’t find him funny anymore on the show :/

    I’m pretty sure my mother has some OCD tendancies. I wonder if they have tests for such things nowadays…..

  7. can you just imagine stegall in a doctors office? holy cow! i would LOVE to see that!

    Doctor: here! here! i’ll write out whatever prescription you want! just name it. no wait. here. here’s my RX pad – signed. NUUUUUUUURSE!!!

  8. @gch: You have a process to eating your snickers! That’s the closest thing to awesome I’ve heard all day! And hey…I’d be happy to throw a research project together at the University…I’ll use my endless “hook ups”…you know, the janitor thinks I’m cool

    @brian: alcohol wipes are hand-dandy little fellows…they make the world a better place.
    And yes…I did make up this list…and yes, a dr. would be a good idea. Maybe that’s why it’s my profession…self-medication is 33% effective!!!

    @tam: so, why were you listening into my last dr’s appt? I feel violated!

  9. I’m telling you, I’ve said this before to you OCD people…I have a nice little spot in my basement I want you all to come live in and then at night when everyone’s asleep….come out like the shoe makers little elves and take your OCD out on my house!!! Who needs a maid?! I NEED you OCD people!! LOL!
    My husband has quite a few quite.quite.QUITE. of those tendencies. And he married me. MIDDLE CHILD. Number 5 out of 8. (10 people in a house…crazy….messy….loud….NOTHING in order)
    I think God has QUITE a sense of humor.
    He thinks the devil likes to torture him sometimes.

  10. HA! Kelly…you’re so right! But doesn’t the cobbler kind of feel like someone’s stealing his job security?

    And YES!!! I too think God has quite a sense of humor…have you looked at the human anatomy lately????

  11. oh I will GLADLY give away my job security as housekeeper!!! LOL!! and yes ma’am, I HAVE looked at the human anatomy lately….and I STILL think it is just quite silly looking!! LOL!!!!
    You scare me Cathi. You say things often that I think. 🙂

  12. Well, what can I say…I think I think too much. The analytical brain can actually be quite debilitating. Did you take a glance at the above list…yeah, I need help. Maybe, Kelly, If I come over and clean, we can figure out my “issues” together!

  13. I check all my posts for spelling errors before posting, and I *still* end up revising something after hitting publish. Take just a few minutes ago when I found an “it’s” that was supposed to be an “its.” Had to correct it or I’d have gotten all twitchy.

  14. What about spotty faucets???

    What about eating all the brown mm’s before the colored ones?

    I can so relate to this post.. Love this blog!!!

  15. I’m glad you titiled this: ‘You MIGHT have….’ because the shoelace thing is NOT an option for me – i have size 13’s and NO-ONE can get those suckers off my feet without untying the laces ( i hate people with arches!).

    Not undoing laces is just plain LAZY people – slothfulness is a sin – and don’t give me that ‘time-saving’ crap – you’re lazy – you know it! 🙂

    So, if self-medication is 33% effective – then it must be 67% ineffective??? Well there’s your problem right there 😉

    Normal is so over-rated. :mrgreen:


  16. @musing: oh how much I can relate! If I knew I’d have to “commit” to a post die hard before hitting publish, I’d never publish anything!!! I too always go back and correct mistakes…we’re all human, right?

    @heidi: that is an amazing point! After cleaning, do you go back over everything with a clean paper towel to remove all streaks and/or water spots??? Yeah…it’s not an obsession, it’s a compulsion. And the color coded process to eating M&M’s…let’s get together w/ Kelly, you’ll eat the m&m’s, I’ll take the skittles and we’ll drive Kelly nuts!!!

    and Lov…denial is just a part of the process. It’s ok, we’ll walk you through it…just after you untie your shoes, of course!

  17. no no no Cathi, see, you are speaking from an OCD brain! The thing about me, who is NOT OCD, is that I am soooo laid back that nothing drives me crazy! You all might be some great entertainment for me though! LOL! honestly, I don’t think any of you could actually focus on eating your M&M’s or Skittles in your special little way at my house, you’d be too busy noticing my spotty faucet, my shoes with the laces tied, and my pantry that has boxes, cans and bags all living on the same shelves with each other in no particular order! Although, my husband might just pass out with excitement about having some “normal” people over our house, and he would sit and eat candy in a very special way with you all out in his tidy place in our house….the covered porch.
    Just for you Cathi, I am going to repost something I posted on my other blog a long time ago. It’s my “housekeeping disclaimer”. You guys probably wouldn’t even be able to breath anymore when you get done reading it LOL!!
    Of course, after I go “tidy it up” for you in Word. 🙂

  18. Oh Kelly, you’re too much! Us borderline OCD-ers just love the laid back world view of Kelly’s like you! Instead of worrying about the dust on the fireplace that I’m SURE EVERYONE SEES, you would be enjoying your company and playing the 3rd round of charades by the time I pulled out the pledge and gagged everyone in a 9 foot radius of the hearth!
    Let’s be friends!

    I’m on my way to your “cleaned up” post right now!

  19. Oh, Mandy…I’m afraid to tell!
    After I posted this, my husband read it and kept pointing at me and laughing. Is that ok? I’m still trying to figure out that one.

    And I’m hopping over to your post now like the easter bunny on a sugar high!

  20. Cathi,

    I just came across this even though you wrote it a while ago. I just have to ask you to please refrain from living in my head. 🙂 How about these two: CD’s, Movies and books are all alphabetized, clothes hangers alternate in color: pink/purple/pink/purple, ironing the towels you hang up in the bathroom for looks and freaking out if someone dries their hands on it, “facing” all toiletry items in the closet like they do in the grocery store (everything on the edge and label out), ooohhhh I could go on and on. 🙂 I actually did. lol I wrote a similar blog on myspace about this very topic a few years back.

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