You might be bi-polar if…

top 5 reasons you just might be bi-polar….

  • After watching a scary movie, you have to watch a quick re-run of The Cosby Show or I Love Lucy in order to know you’ll have a restful night’s sleep
  • One day, you watch the presidential candidates and feel so depressed for the lack of “appropriate selection”, and the next day you feel a bounty of props, energy and sustainability by a mere YouTube video that compelled your now endless support
  • You find the way a baby can cry at one moment and crack up laughing at another astonishingly reflective of your daily emotional activity.
  • You read one blog that makes you irrevocably angry from its political pest-like intentions, and no sooner click over to another post that makes your side hurt from pure amusement and laughter. But wait, you’re now crying from reading the heartbreaking story from yet another of your must-read blogs of the day
  • You read your blog posts and find that if each entry were placed on the Richter Scale of Emotions, you’d be more dynamic than the San Andraes Fault

[note: this post is not a diagnostic model…so if you’ve come here to get some type of bi-polar assessment, please stop looking at blogs for that and schedule an appt w/ your doctor]


13 thoughts on “You might be bi-polar if…

  1. I work with people experiencing bi-polar tenancies as well as those who live with this life-time diagnosis…so, with laughter as the best medicine, we can have fun with these make-shift assessments, while realizing we all have abnormal tenancies – some just cope with them differently than others.

  2. I’m a couple of those. But I’ll keep those to myselves.

    So i have a very good friend here in town who is bi-polar. she manages it quite well. There was a time she didn’t take her meds and none of us knew she was bi-polar – it was pretty crazy. She literally lost it! Broke my heart.

  3. can i make a request? can you put the thingy in the sidebar that’ll have a list of recent commenters?
    ’cause i just commented on like a bunch of your posts. and your comments back are my FAVORITE part of you – but i won’t remember where i put them…
    but you don’t have to. i’ll wander around anyway. so i’ll probably find the responses.

  4. and we almost had a layover in Cincinnatti yesterday (which is a VERY difficult word to spell) and i was planning on waving at you.
    but then we got a direct flight. so i didn’t wave.

  5. @taminator: It’s so interesting to see how these idiosyncrasies pop up in our every day lives…I think it’s God’s way of giving us empathy for those suffering with these diseases in every day life, and gives those people a venue to laugh at us when we mismanage what they’ve conquered!
    I’m thinking of doing a series….
    you might be narcissistic if you…
    you might have multiple personality disorder if you…
    hey…maybe I could include this in that book of many quotes, eh, sweetness???

    @miss mandy mac: of course! I’ll do anything for you, peanut butter! Comments are like “pieces of flair” on Office Space…it’s all about the flair, baby!
    And rock out with the sociology and counseling drop out! Drop in or drop out, you have to be in to get out…so, way to go!!!!
    And no worries about the no-show-fly-over…I won’t hold it against you, muffin!

  6. LOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!
    oh big yay!

    i’ve only been to your blog ten dozen times today. yes. i told you i would.
    time for bed.

  7. I am waiting for the “you might be attention def…. Hey is that what you were talking about on the comment on my blog? about a “julie post” – Post Ceral was on sale at Publix this week when I was in california, Cali was so nice, I didn’t see anyone famous though…
    I made up the post cereal part…. for the sake of the flowage…
    I love you…

  8. I’m back, Tam, I’m back…I needed some “Stegall love”…and spent time w/ that slice of cheese of mine…

    Now, Mandy, I’m inherently cooler by the very presence of you [two…Mandy and Tam must go together // cross-reference crapology comment]

    Kristi…I know…I know. The great thing about this is our ability to relate. Relating can be good, like ice cream and bad b/c it inevitably comes w/ a subsequent BRAIN FREEZE!

    So, my jules, you know how much I love you…and LOVE your brain…and LOVE eating cereal w/ you!!! Can’t wait to read the post!

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