mondays with marjie {life before death}

So, this link is from the marjie archives…please note, this might be a bit disconcerting to some…so, if your kids read your blogs over your shoulder, first, tell them to get their own blog, and second, cover their eyes [keeping an extra hand to cover yours – just in case]

Now, this is a potent photo gallery of terminally ill people, who gave their permission to be professionally photographed before and after their ensuing deaths.

It is quite interesting for me to see that contrast of life and death so clearly. The “light” of life is replaced by the look of death…eerie yet beautiful. The passion that makes us human is gone.

Accompanying the portraits, you’ll read passionate and ardent narratives…one woman bemoans her impending death by sharing, “I’d only just bought myself a new fridge-freezer! If I’d only known!”

Life is precious, yet the “look” of life is temporary.

author’s note: this post, for me, began as quite ominous and dark and instantly feels so ravishing, engaging and beautifully spiritual.

author’s second note: I know how much we all hate the “more” tag, I’m using it anyway. Rebellion with the fear of future blogging mutiny, I know. But I’d rather you choose to see the portraits than hop on this here blog and loose your lunch!

author’s third note: I like author’s notes


35 thoughts on “mondays with marjie {life before death}

  1. my undergrad advisor/boss told me if i wanted to go into christian counseling, then i needed to be sure to take Death and Dying.

    so i took it.

    then, as his student assistant, he required me to sit through 3 more semesters of the class… and he paid me for it. and i just sat there and listened to three more semesters of lectures.

    he was a wise man, because i’ll never forget what i learned from him.

  2. So, I’m thinkin…we can start our own online practice! Hey, it’s been done before…our husbands will be pastors and we’ll make millions pseudo-counseling online!!!

    And by the way…I love getting paid to learn! It’s the only way to do it! I once was told never to pay for your schooling past under-grad…best. advice. EVER!

  3. where’d it go?
    i did a crap-load of research…

    checked out our competition.
    found some online therapy pro/con articles.

    thought you’d appreciate the dedication…
    will be working on a company logo soon.

  4. die spam monster! Die!!!!

    Now that logo, can we make sure it has a greek letter in it – logos w/ greek letters always deduce infinite knowledge, always. Either that, or a caramel apple. One or the other.

  5. uh. wow.

    those are eerily stunning in an eerie kinda way.


    “Candy Therapy”?

    Can you just imagine the hits you two would get?

    you should do it just for that!!!

  6. Eerie is right, Tam…eerie.

    And hey, candy works for me – bring the chocolate and everything works out just fine…so, why can’t we make some millions while enjoying ourselves, right?

    Next stop, getting paid to blog! You’d be a billionaire!

  7. yah. why can’t we get paid to blog? aren’t we doing people a service? people pay to go see comedians, circus acts, hollywood comedies. then they come to our places and laugh and laugh and laugh. and for what? FREE.

    i feel so under appreciated

  8. oh Tam, tu she’ my dearest!
    When I’m independently wealthy, I’ll pay, I’ll pay…or, when this cyber-counseling thing takes off…either way, you’ll be a bazillionaire, yep, you will!

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  10. Dead people don’t bother me as much as pictures of dead people. I just discovered that here on your blog. 🙂 Your dinner comment was sorta interesting. I won’t ask you to elaborate on that. 🙂

  11. Tawny:
    we’ll have to check with our executive board before we go pro-bono with you.

    but first, we have to get an executive board.

    this could take a while.
    we might just buy one from home depot.

  12. I could start by eating lots of candy? Oh wait, that would mess up my mlhdhglahgrm thing I am doing with InWorship 🙂 That you are NOT doing Mandy. 🙂

  13. Tawny – we will be addressing your candy addiction in our next session.

    workin on the logo.
    well, not really.
    actually just trying really hard not to cry after watching ps i love you….
    i have enough of a snot problem from a stupid cold – i don’t need more.

  14. I just assumed that “Candy Therapy” might involve candy. Maybe we can address assumptions. After the logo, of course.

  15. well done, tawny, you are progressing well on this journey we’ve unofficially begun. Since you’ve already advanced to the second stage, your contract is in place and you will need to loose the idea that Candy is out b/c of the a;lkdjfsal;dkfjas;ldjkf thing that Mandy Mac isn’t in b/c she’s busy w/ our new business.

    And Mandy Mac, I understand the snot thing…haven’t seen P.S. I love you…whenever we get to the movie picking thing, we always end up watching something where instead of tears of joy, it elicits some type of Will Farrell quote that lasts 4 hours.

    p.s. I’m ready for a chick flick

  16. Well, speaking of Mac, I was mad at my husband after dinner and ate way to much homemade baked mac & cheese (my favorite) so candy is definately out for tonight. Unless my husband makes me mad again. I am very mature. 🙂

    American Idol is on….gotta go! I really wish it had a different name, it bugs me.

  17. lesson 3: mac and cheese has no calories….especially homemade mac and cheese. And retaliation eating is actually good for you, Tawny, for you eat with much passion and charisma – hence, burning more calories from previous meals [for remember, said meal has no calories].

    lesson 4: The fact that the name “American Idol” bugs you can be a subtle reflection of your inner psychodynamic needs. My guess is that you have a desire to wear a flag jumper while riding a unicycle someday and this name reminds you of the fact that you still haven’t met that goal. We’ll work on that.

    next step: understand that candy with metal wrappers can double as checker pieces but don’t fit in the parking meter

  18. well, that’s unfortunately where the contract comes in…I know, I know – it’s not fair, but really, Tawny, if we’re to be sure and get results, we must overcome all obstacles!

  19. oh tawny, we’ll persevere together!
    [p.s. you make me smile]

    alece, if you want, we’ll sign you up as our fourth client. The second…is my cat, einstein and the third is my other cat archimedes…but you can be the 4th, k?

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