einstein, the wonder cat

So, somehow our innately brilliant cat, Einstein, felt her flying powers could not only scale tall buildings but also pass through glass paned windows…

…she was wrong.


46 thoughts on “einstein, the wonder cat

  1. i heart cats – especially furry ones like yours.

    drew sneezes whenever he thinks of them.

    i had to make a crucial decision early on in our relationship: i heart drew more.

  2. How kind of you to ask, hislife…to be terribly honest…we only heard the crash…and she rarely lives up to her name, so as much as I’d like to say we could tell a difference in her behavior, well, we couldn’t…she still sits under the faucet just to have the water splach on her face and back, she still hits the dog [who happens to be 20 times her size] in the face, and she still thinks she can bark at the birds…in other words, I think she’s fine.

  3. (ha ha ha! apparently i can’t type this evening… i’m not a *CAT* fan… but i guess if it comes down to it, i’m not a can fan either!)

  4. @brian: yeah, Einstein gives lessons every other thursday at 3:30 sharp. But prep PorkChop, cause Einstein really thinks she’s a dog, so he might be disappointed

    @brandi: Great observation…I’m also quite thankful that it’s not our bedroom window…that would consequently lead to a few unintended mornings getting up on the wrong side of the bed!

    @alece: I practically peed my pants w/ your comment…I won’t hold it against you that you don’t like cats, or cans for that matter…you’re too fantastic to let something that wonderful get in the way.

  5. we do need to find a commonality though…
    do you like to brush your teeth in warm water? do you like to chew life savers instead of let them melt in your mouth? do you tap your fingers from pinky to thumb?
    We need something, something to hold us together!!!

  6. Those are wooden blinds over the window – right?

    I’m curious. Were they down when your cat tried to fly through the window? ( was it wearing it’s super-cape?)

    Einstein huh? – clearly irony and sarcasm rule at the Stegall household.

    I think Mark hit the cat nail on the head. 🙂

    To the best of my experience, dogs don’t do that!, so your cat that thinks she’s a dog may have more than just an identity crisis happening atm.

    ( ‘At The Moment’ – Alece! 🙂 )


  7. so love, yeah, I was washing her super cape – good timing, I know. But don’t hate, even though her name denotes an intellectual prowess…that’s about all. We’re currently trying to address her identity issues [note, not crisis, it’s just a minor disconnect].

    and jenny, I honestly have no idea what was going through her head to jump in the first place…my guess is that the tantalizing bird outside made her a bit overzealous…maybe.

    But changing her name? Einstein is Einstein no matter if her name was Bob or Sheila. A rose by any other name is still a rose, right, Shakespeare?

  8. is it even physically possible to tap your fingers from your pointer finger to your pinky?

    ive been sitting here for 3 minutes trying to do that. I can not!

    yes. this is what i got out of this post and all the comments.

  9. you can’t? i don’t understand that. is it genetic, like rolling your tongue? (i also can’t understand that some people can’t do that oh-so-simple feat…)

  10. A rofe, my Deare, by any other name woulde fmell af fweet!

    I am at a compleat loff to recall who wrote ‘a rofe if a rofe if a rofe’.


  11. Tam – Try tapping from pinky to pointer and then right back from pointer to pinky. Maybe if you toss in a thumb tap, it’ll click 🙂
    Now tongue rolling…pure comedy if I’m trying to do it, just ask my family. I am entertainment waiting around in airports.

  12. how absolutely amusing…you all learning letterman skills on this hear blog. Great training game, hislife! and alece, it’s true, I think it’s genetic, kind of like rolling your R’s…watching people try that one can get messy though.

    Now william fhakefpeare…I’m quite impressed by that dabble you’re dillying there…quite impressed, I say. It’s time to do your thing with a line from my all time favorite play, Much Ado About Nothing!

  13. “fhall quipf and fentencef and thefe paper bulletf of the brain awe a man from the career of hif humor? No. The world muft be peopled.”

    on the other hand…

    “figh no more, ladief, figh no more. Men were deceiverf ever. One foot in fea and one on fhore, to one thing conftant never. Then figh not fo but let them go and be you blithe and bonny, converting all your foundf of woe into hey nonny nonny.” 🙂

    (Hah) The Prince…

    Aye – there’f the Rub.

  14. From Much Ado… “Hah. The Prince, and Monfieur Love!” 🙂

    ‘And when Love fpeakf, the voice of all the godf
    Makef heaven drowfy with the harmony.
    Never durft poet touch a pen to rite
    Until hif ink were temper’d with Love’f fighf.’

    (Love’f Labourf Loft. Act IV, fcene III)


  15. *laughing*
    I. can’t. breathe.
    *slapping thigh*
    I could read this all night long and have the same response! Oh, this is so great! Where’s your blog! I want to have 24 hour access to this brilliance!

  16. Ladief, ladief… ‘pon my word,
    you have the cluef you need,
    For though my wordf are loft in Ryme,
    In your Heartf i am, indeed 🙂

    But furedly i am not loft?

    Haft my labourf been in vein? 🙂

    My blood if not the only thing my heart doth pump ’round about me!


  17. *Doff’f hat – Deep Bow*

    Hif life – furedly tif’ that harpy Beatrice? For Nature never formed any other woman’f heart of prouder fluff?

    Miff Mandy – ‘Tif af i faid – the cluef are quite eafy to read… if one only hath the time.

    But juft one more perchance?

    Af you like it….

    To Orlando, ‘my name’ would be: fair Rofalind! 🙂


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