too coldhearted for coldplay {part a}

As much as I love music…I hate concerts.

If you thumb through Mark’s posts, you’ll see he has quite the passion for Coldplay [enter captain understatement]. He even scheduled the time in his pda to wake up early last Saturday and purchase tickets to their Cleveland show this summer.

Here’s my dilemma…I just don’t favor concerts [enter captain understatement’s sidekick, super subtlety]. I like to listen to the songs on itunes, but what am I supposed to do at the concert itself? Where do I look? Do I just sit at watch the people sing…I’m sorry, but that screams awkward to me.

Here was my response to one of his posts

Even worse than going to concerts…watching them on video!


18 thoughts on “too coldhearted for coldplay {part a}

  1. and then there’s me, on the other side of the sub-woofers – been a musician/songwriter for ten years but never sat down to sing more than 2 of my songs publically.

    because i think its awkward for people to sit there and listen to me. and watch me. and listen some more.

    lemme just lead worship anyday.
    i’ll sing my songs to the wall.

  2. @cathi: all i can say is you’re missing out on probably the best show of your life. i love you anyway!! don’t worry, you and i can watch their next show on dvd (you and me baby! it’s a date!!)

  3. oh Kristi…I wish I had it in me like I wish I could see through walls. I just don’t get it, that’s all.

    and slice, I have no desire to watch it on dvd…you can watch while I blog. deal?

  4. i never go to concerts.

    i live in africa.

    BUT if i could… i’d love to see u2 live. oh, and caedmon’s call. simply cause i hear they put on a fantastic show.

    but i’m completely understanding the confusage over what to actually do when there. sing along or not sing along? try to pretend i have rhythm or don’t bother?

    too many decisions to make.

  5. ok, so here’s our commonality! Hooray!

    As I revealed earlier, as much as I hate concerts, I loath watching videos of concerts, but I have seen the video of one of U2’s concerts…they do a good job. I think at their concert, I’d smile, I’d sing, but then, I’d still be stumped for the next 3 hours.

    so, I’d much rather live in africa than go to a concert any day! Any need for a social worker, therapist or business professor over on your continent????

  6. how ’bout a can of cat???

    we have concerts all the time at our church here. i dread them. and we’ve head some pretty cool people come through. i dread them.

    forever ago, like early 90’s, we saw Steven Curtis Chapman in Portland (don’t judge me) We were suppose to see him after the concert back stage. I was already agitated from being there in the first place. Then we waited around for almost 2 hours after the concert to see him. I was actually yelling, “Is he Jesus or something?!!! – why are we all waiting??!!!”

    We finally left, without the “honor” of shaking Chapmans holy hand, and got into an accident on the way home. I was even more angry at Chapman for that!!!

  7. Oh Tam. I’m sorry. Not so much sorry for the accident but the concert…last time I heard Chapman, I tried saddling up those horses…really fast! However, muffin, I’m glad you said early 90’s…otherwise, I’d have to introduce you to some of the God Squad iTunes my slice of cheese has conjured up…there’s good christian music out there, really. I’m still waiting for that good radio station though…

    And miss alece! I’m shocked! I have had to muster up all of the unconditional love I could find for that last comment. But no worries, I found it under my can of zebra downstairs.

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