what if gas cost $10 a gallon?

I saw this question on MSN’s front page this evening…and almost lost the tangerines I had sitting in my stomach from dinner. The following question was “How would a $132 fill up change your life?”

Well, to say the least, I think I’d barf a little every day, so I might be another 2 sizes smaller. Furthermore, I have a slew of friends who work domestically and overseas as missionaries. Therefore, their entire income is based on the philanthropy of others. I’m curious how the world would react to this gaseous insanity in regard to their giving. In 2006, it was all the rage to give to your heart’s content [props to bradgelina], but with the rise in the cost of living [i.e., gas, food, energy], can we keep the generosity flowing and continue supporting these local and global change agents? My heart says yes; unfortunately, my online bank statement might say otherwise. Are missionaries then on the wrong side of the oreo cookie?

So, I’m glad I don’t have to think of a post-post question since MSNBC did it for me…
“At $10/gal…How would a $132 fill up change your life?”


19 thoughts on “what if gas cost $10 a gallon?

  1. ooo! gaseous! My fave word! You heart me. you really heart me.

    k, i’ve already been strategizing (crap im spelling that wrong) how to drive less because there is no other place in our budget to pull from to give us more gas money. Unfortunately my (grammatical error ahead) strategizing has come up empty…much like my gas tank these days 😕

    So it’s time to have random yard sales! Yup. Ya know, those friday mornings when i recruit my darling ex-fiance to go through the garage and set out anything we haven’t touched in a week?! Then I rummage through the kids rooms while they’re at school and take things like the headboard and one dresser drawer because that’s all they have left from the last time we had a random sale.

    Yes. Don’t think we haven’t done this.

  2. Am I the random missionary? Yay…hope so. I dunno how a $10 fill up would change our lives…but we are almost there because here it is $6.00 to fill up. (Just sayin). maT, I would totally buy stuff at your garage sales because we love love love garage sales, and they of course don’t offer those here…when I first moved, I asked about them and the local people were like what? And looked at me like I had 5 heads…then thought I was brilliant for thinking up such an idea. Yup, I am Einstein. At least here for being the first to create the first ever garage sale. Woot woot.

  3. Uh, there is no way we could afford 10 dollars a gallon… This post makes me want to cry… Just like the 4.19 a gallon that it is here in Michigan right now. And of course it is on a weekend when we have to travel to my husband’s brothers graduation. I want to know when our government will realize that unemployment risen and gas prices ever rising is a crisis??? UGH!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think it would help me on my kdfhoighrihoi thing. Because I would be riding a bike everywhere I went, with my three kids behind me. Hopefully the people driving cars aren’t so upset about the gas prices that they run over people on bikes.

    BTW, I wrote you back on my blog. I was trying to translate for my other readers. I don’t know if I actually did, you better go check it out. 🙂

  5. now dear taminator, no worries, it wasn’t post 500 words. I’ll still read it w/o skimming! So, seriously, I do heart you, every fascinatingly flatulent loving, vocabulary fabricating, yard sale generating part of you! I’m trying to convince my parents to have a yard sale…seriously, we’d make a ton on my mom’s inability to throw anything away since the early 80’s!

    So, Kristi, props to you for the inauguration of yard sales in Africa! The biggest thing I’ve introduced is using gum as sticky tack, in a worst case scenario that is. All the more reason to move into your guest room, my dear!

    And mandy mac, please don’t tell me the only reason you love kristi is for her 5 heads…that’s MY reason for loving her!

    Sweet Tawny, I’m so glad you understand my interpretation of the s;lakjdfsa;ldkf thing. I can psychoanalyze a cat but can’t figure our the acronym for that fat arse game!

    Only if we could fill our cars up with candy corn…the world would smell better and we’d keep the great neighborhood carnivals w/ freaky carnies in business!

  6. sorry for missing your comment aspaf…it was hiding!
    Seriously, I too think it’s a governmental issue…and all politics aside, we’re all at a breaking point where we’re having to choose between gas or food…where we once would fill up till we could “top it off”, we’re now having to fill the tank to a dollar amount rather than a gallon amount…remember when we could fill up the car, get a few drinks and go to the movies on a $20 bill?
    Oh heavens.

  7. 😳

    Our fill ups are at LEAST easily $100. It really limits where we go and how often we go. But, living in North Dakota, where are we really going to go anyway? Plus we’re total homebodies, but with three kids, that’s probably a good thing. 😉

  8. But if gas went up to $10/gal…. we’d be walking…everywhere….and possibly growing our own veggies. And maybe raise some cows and chickens. Seriously.

    Why does it seem like a total possibility this could happen?? 😐

  9. Oh brandy! I couldn’t even imagine a $100 fill up! I’m guessing you have an SUV. Just a guess, either that or a 747 airplane! 😉
    And hooray for homebodies…most of my memories are from inside our home…kind of sounds like that accident statistic, now, doesn’t it?

    And btw, we’d be “SOL” if we had to grow our own veggies…I even kill plastic plants!

  10. yeah we’d be sol too. I have a black thumb. 😯

    We have a honkin truck. *groan* To pull our honkin trailer. So you can imagine the gas then. 😕 NOT a good time to buy a trailer people! OR a large truck! 😆

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