ransom…4 hrs

[create your own ransom note here it’s a heck-o-latta fun!]


13 thoughts on “ransom…4 hrs

  1. you didn’t do a very good job at holding it ransom because now it’s in my possession! Very clever Agent Cathi, looks like I out-smarteded you this time!

  2. now mark, even if I placed it not-so-inconspicuously, I still have my ninja skills as my back up!

    mandy mac, thanks…I’m inspired by your camo bandanna!

    and taminator, at least I wore a bandanna and not place a model w/ popcorn boobsicles on my blog, eh?
    [ill placed question mark, I know…but I was unsure of what it warranted…when all else fails, either use the ellipses or a question mark…they’re both very nice?]

  3. oh taminator. I’m actually speechless.

    hislife…skip the 2 wheeler and bring on the tandem, it’s cooler and much more romantic…make sure it has a basket and a bell, and you’ll be good to go!

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that is hilarious! Girl, you crack me up. My berry is my “leash” too so to speak; hubby is always trying to get it away from me. Maybe I should show him your post……on second thought……NO!

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