If my heart moves to Nashville, where the heck is my body?

The following video is an introduction to a great portion of my heart…her name’s Nicole Roberts. Nicole is moving to Nashville this next week to work with Mercy Ministries. Her very presence brings joy to my spirit, so I am sad to see her go…but I thought I’d introduce you to her and let you know how you can best pray for this amazing woman, who will be serving as a catalyst in helping to restore the lives of girls needing transformation, charity and hope…

inescapable elements candidly mentioned in aforementioned video

mercy ministries

Nashville, Tennessee
Sunny Cleveland
point o’ grace
panera bread


21 thoughts on “If my heart moves to Nashville, where the heck is my body?

  1. @brian: That encouragement makes me feel a little bit better…just a little bit.

    @michelle: thanks for praying with us! She’s got a lot ahead of her, but what an amazing journey!!!

    @mandy: I figured you’d like nashive, i.e., the hub of all things christian music! But thanks for your emotional support…boy, I’ll miss her!

  2. holy cow! when you said just a few things that the girls go there for – i was like, where was that when i was a teenager?!


    But sorry you’re losing the “closeness” of your dear friend. What an amazing things she is doing for others tho!

    and your prayer…AMEN! it made my eyes leak….

  3. I know, Tam, I know. I’m so blessed to have a friend with the passion to reach, teach and bless girls who are spinning so tragically in circles that they don’t remember where the exit sign used to be. But from what I know of your story, God is using the pieces of your journey to create a beautiful tapestry, all the while bringing along your sweet daughter to learn and walk this life of faith and forgiveness with you…now that’s a story!

    [and btw, we need to fix those eyes of yours, they seem to leak a lot! 🙂 ]

  4. you guys are sportin those sunglasses.

    i don’t think i can pull those off to well.

    from what i’ve seen/heard/known mercy is a fantastic ministry. nicole is going to touch a lot of girls’ lives. be blessed!

    and cath – praying for your heart as part of it leaves you…

  5. Oh brandy and mandy…I’m lost w/o my sunlamps. Mark and I have considered replacing all of our lights w/ those bulbs. They work wonders on said SAD. That disorder can kick you in the rear in sunny cleveland [and boston, my fair mandy mac!]

    Wonderful alece, i do love me some sunglasses! I have to buy the cheapo target ones though b/c I loose them every other week! And yes, my dear, with those amazing glasses you sport every day, you can pull off anything! Next time I go glasses shopping, I’m buying a pair like yours in teal or red…they’re aaaahhhh-mazing!
    [you’re an encouragement to me and my heart! Thanks so much, luv muffin!]

  6. oooh — if only you could see the inside of my glasses you’d like ’em even more… hmmm… maybe i can take a picture and blog about it…

  7. i tried on some big-ol-bug-eyed sunglasses today in a store. i wished i’d had a camera so you could see just how ridiculously goofy i looked!

  8. I would have LOVED to see that, Alece!!! I’m sure you looked all of Audrey Hepburn!!!

    And Brandi, that’s an AWESOME suggestion! I’m emailing her NOW!!! Thanks so much!

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