did Jesus drink coffee in a ceramic mug too?

Every year, Americans drink more than 100 billion cups of coffee. Of those, 14.4 billion are served in disposable paper cups— enough to wrap the earth 55 times if placed end-to-end! Those paper cups contain a plastic lining made from a petrochemical that would produce enough energy to heat 8,300 homes. That’s a town the size of Newtown, Connecticut.

I find myself swimming in those statistics [In all actuality, I believe I account for at least 33.3333% of that annual amount of coffee consumption].
In a recent e/m conversation w/ Miss Mandy Mac, I was confronted w/ the fact that my out-of-the-office office essentially is our local café. Nice to know I have an “office” in almost every city in the US and abroad…quite flexible quarters, I might add. However, within this beautiful bureau of beans, I am also contributing myriad o’ starbucks cups to the ever-growing landfill…even with the new logo, this two finned, overweight, provocative Siren with an ironic resemblance to those malicious ladies from Homer’s Odyssey shouldn’t have to live thousands of years next to last year’s Cosmo magazines and Donnie Osmond’s Rainbow Bright doll.
Hence, another one of my green living life changes…Ergo, I will request a ceramic mug proudly and do my part of saving the planet. Let’s do it for good ol’ Newtown, Connecticut. Who’s with me???


42 thoughts on “did Jesus drink coffee in a ceramic mug too?

  1. YEAHHHH!!! You can ask for a ceramic mug for any drink you have “in house”…for it is true, dear alece, if you ask for a ceramic mug and walk out the door…that starbucks siren would be singin your tune!

    gch…sooooo good!!! hot cocoa will do the trick any day! [the ceramic mug will make it taste better too…i think]

    and my mandy mac, I knew you’d be the front runner on this train! We were meant to be friends…like mac & cheese!!!

  2. oh, if it’s anything resembling that of the odyssey, I’d strongly warn against it…those dudes didn’t come back the same…rather, they didn’t come back AT ALL!!!
    I think your husband would miss you a little.

  3. Mandy – if Mark is her MAIN slice of cheese then by implication Cathi is the minor slice – so mac’n’chese’ is still good to go! 🙂

    How much electricity is used in washing the ceramic mugs?? and detergents, that get pumped back into the environment – are they bio-degradeable?

    Can you trust the mugs to be cleaned to your standards – or to an ‘economic’ standard?

    Nothing’s ever ‘clean cut’ these days – is it?


  4. hmmm…i only go to a coffee stand. I drive thru and leave with my naughty cup of coffee. If they gave out ceramics then my local Goodwill would be full of them! Or the back of my car would.

    mac’n’cheese? i like that! that has a great ring to it! so. original. you guys are awesome 😀

  5. good heavens, you guys are GOOD! I didn’t even put that one together! Genius. just genius.

    And love, I’m guessing the analytical methods to your thoughts can be quite entertaining during a movie like “An inconvenient truth”. I like the multiple faceted frame of mind…it keeps us on our toes. God made us multidimensional, right!

    And taminator, you should see if your one-stop-shop would give you a discount if you bring your own mug…I know starbucks, caribou and arabica all give around 10% off if you sport your own!

  6. you know what. now that i think about it they do. if i bring my own mug they’ll give a disc.

    there’s just one problem.

    i am totally addicted to the paper cup. i’m used to how it feels in my hand. the warmth it gives. the lid – specially designed not to splatter when brent drives like a maniac.

    i don’t need the coffee.

    i need the stinkin cup!

  7. I bring my own travel mug in there sometimes. But I can’t really see around the giant coffee machine to see if anything touches the mug. What if someone else’s mug wasn’t clean? Or cup? Would they tell them to go away and come back clean? That is MY big concern. And I am a little with Tam, I love the paper cups too. Although, the new/old mermaid is very ugly. Mermaids really should only have one tail. If your going to make something up, you may as well make it pretty, especially if you are going to horrify everyone making it immodest, anyway. Ok, I am getting off now!

  8. taminator, did you see the new doo-hicky they have for the coffee lids to prevent the untimely spillage? Our starbucks just gave us some last week! If you’re going to use it as your pseudo-temporary-travel-mug, you should definitely ask them for the doo-hicky! It’s brilliant!

    And Tawny…I like the way you think. It’s so true to think about the cleanliness of other mugs…have you seen some of the mugs that are on the desks of your colleagues? yeah, grey lumpies aren’t supposed to be in your coffee, thank you. It’s good that you’re conscious about that, but what about table top creamer?

  9. i have a confession. and this might end our relationship hunny buns – but i do NOT drink starsucks. i’m sorry. my taste buds are just offended by them. as well as my pocketbook.

    am i a horrible person? can you ever forgive me?

    just remember. i really, really heart you. like. double heart you.

  10. taminator, um, you could drink 3 month old milk with rainbow sprinkles floating at the top for the crunch effect, and I’d still think you’re triple amazing! So, no worries, my friend…starbucks isn’t for everyone, heck, it isn’t for most…if that would come between us, I’d drop it in a sec! Bring on some more of that hot cocoa from gch! We’ll have a hot cocoa party…with extra whip cream, of course!!!!

  11. so i was wondering…does your brain ever stop? im serious. does it take you a long time to wind down at night?

    back to topic. i LOVE coffee. just not starbucks. but i have to drink decaf. it’s pointless isn’t it? i know it is.

    but i like to pretend im a big girl coffee drinker anyway! i “fake it”


  12. oh, sweet taminator, it takes me for-ev-er to wind down…teaching until 10:30 does something to me…hence the need for coffee in the morning and Not A Drip after 4 in the afternoon!

    Now for decaf coffee…I’m ok w/ decaf tea, but rarely consume decaf coffee…I agree on the motive…it’s pointless, really.

    Now for you, sir love…I like it when your brain leaves leakage on my blog…it makes me feel a little closer to fluffety puffety marshmallows than the day before! Even a little drip counts!!!

  13. in no-sleep-land last night, i realized that some might think i’d come down on your head for being at starbucks all the time.

    i don’t think i did. and i don’t think you think i did either… but, i don’t want Tam to think i’m picking on anyone else but her.
    she’s sensitive like that.

  14. i’m sure someone has already mentioned this, but a lot of local coffee shops allow you to bring in your own mug from home for a “fill-up”… not sure about starbucks, but i know my local Phoenix does. 🙂 now, off to make a pot! all this talk about coffee has me pining for some.
    p.s. cathi, i miss you!

  15. LOL I am just imagining what it will look like when we are all together rejoicing in Heaven! Ceramic mugs. Dancing buns. Fluffy marshmellows. And a video camera with unlimited access to uploading on Youtube. Ah. Yes. Heaven.

  16. disclaimer: Miss Mandy Mac was only graciously granting me a coffee flavored conversation regarding my frequent “coffee dates”. Her intention was not to affront, malign or even beguile…merely a note of notes, that’s all! NO worries, Taminator, her insults are all yours! 😉

    Marjie, you are SOOO right! The fact that coffee shops allow us to bring our own mugs makes it a little cheaper and a little cleaner! Good thinking, peanut butter…and I miss you too!!!!

    Now gch, God has a special room in store for us, I too am sure! I think He has you in charge of it!!! 🙂

  17. no worries, alece, you an always request one when we have coffee together!
    I say we schedule a time to meet at a coffee shop and “chat” as we did last night until the weeeee hours!

    and miss tam, you are special! times 800!!!

  18. that would be awesome. a real-live coffeedate would be amazing. especially if it’s in the wee-hours of the night.

    i feel like i’ve asked you this a bajillion times… but where do you live again? anywhere near NY?!

  19. Who even NEEDS coffee to wake up? We can all post this fabulous picture of Cathi and her MUG on our fridge, and with all the AWAKENESS emanating from her…we are good to go! LOL!

  20. I totally missed your question last time, alece! So sorry!!!
    I’m a Cleveland girl! So, like 8 hrs from NY…why??????? Wanna meet for coffee sometime? 🙂

    Miss Mandy Mac, I don’t know if me.com deserves the honor and grace of you.com…but me.com can learn to sing and become a little you.com…but she’s just a little timid, ya think!

    Now miss kelly!!!! I love that I’m on your fridge and not in the storage shed scaring away the mice!

  21. Cathi, you are just too fun! You really MUST have kids! I am envisioning a total “Cat in the Hat” home in the most wonderific way! Only, you would be the Cat in the Hat….and you would have the happiest kids on the planet over how fun their mom is!! And I would not waste your loveliness on the mice my dear, no way! I might, however, make any “wayward” teenagers in our youth group watch your video to your husband over and over again! LOL! Loved the bloopers:)

  22. I think I could pull of the “cat in the hat” persona…I’m a little worried to think that my kids may turn out to be “thing one” and “thing two” though!
    We definitely have had the “kids” conversation come up much more frequently lately. We’re now on the “when do you know it’s time to start the infamous “trying” stage” stage…and how awkward is that stage in the first place. You tell one person you’re trying and everyone knows what you’re doing every other night of the week! Glory be!!!!

  23. The whole “trying stage” is the best kept secret you will ever have in a marriage! NEVER tell anyone you are trying! Old ladies will hunt you down asking about “results”, old men and young alike will “jear” the slice and wink and make crazy, grunting, testosterone overload noises in reference to the “trying” stage, and FAR too many people will want to be well acquainted with your CALENDAR, as if they could cheer you into your “maternal priorities” on those oh so important days! For real, serious. If you want old woman chasing your husband down saying “haven’t you figured out how that thing works yet?!” …then tell people you are trying! LOL! Then again, have more than two kids and those same old ladies are gonna be chasing him down saying “haven’t you figured out how to shut that off yet?!” LOL! Yeah, they have tormented my husband just a bit 😉

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