when Fred met Wilma {the paradox of impressions}

{tales of mere existence creates those videos on youtube that you either love for the laughs or can rip apart with theory, practice and postulation…today, I choose to laugh}

watch this video, then read this excerpt from a piece of my heart stuck in Florida, miss Julie

I am “packing”…. and here’s what that means… I am going to California, for the weekend, for a conference where I will most likely wear my “Urban Youth Impact” Staff shirt 2 of the 3 days I will be there… I have been “packing” for 4 hours… I pack, do some laundry, then a card fell behind my dresser in my closet, but after taking everything out of my closet and then deciding that I needed to vacuum the closet, then my room, and then the hallway…. the card was not behind the dresser, it was beside it… but now everything is out of my closet and on my bed.. so I am purging… a few shirts here, a pair of shoes there… refolded my sweaters to put them away for the year… rehang the previously mentioned card, and read and re-tape all the other memories in my closet… now things that had been collecting in my closet, are on my bed – I am on the clean edge typing….

Awww heck….

You now know why I love “the way her noodle twirls”!!!


20 thoughts on “when Fred met Wilma {the paradox of impressions}

  1. A call to my mom in the middle of that – would have pushed me over the edge… the figuartive edge of my life – not the literal edge of my bed… just thought I should clarify

  2. Oh jules, we just need to make sure you stay far, FAR away from that edge! I know just what’ll do the trick! [watch out coldstone, here we come!!!]

    Now Tam, you’re not allowed to stalk my friends…that’s MY job! So, Julie, do you have any relatives in MO? 😉

    soooo, hislife, can I take any guesses how your saturdays look? 🙂

  3. I may have family there- not really sure…. 🙂
    I love these videos though, it’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only one.. there is one called “I Need to get Ready” also my life – and “conversations with my mom” yup – me too.. I need to start making money off of my life !

  4. oh, hislife…our circles can be in color…at the end of the day, we have a more beautiful piece of work than we had originally intended anyway! Mark says it this way, “Structure must always submit to Spirit”. It’s a toughie, for us borderline OCD folks out there, but it’s finished product is beauty…just look at Julie!!!!

    Now Tam, I not only wear the stalker title, I wear the sticker that says, “Hello, my name is stalker – if you blog, I WILL stalk. period.” It’s what I do, girlfriend!

    And my Jules, these videos constantly remind me of you…I think we found our male-julie! [note: there are definitely a few to be left out of this very broad generalization, for sure, but I’ll take it nonetheless!]

    Oh, and michelle, it most certainly IS too real – for I’ve seen it in motion DAILY! Hence, my need for my planner, a.k.a., my brain, to keep me on track!

  5. Oh my…. that is SO what my inside voice sounds like. 😕

    I will spend more time PLANNING and ORGANIZING in my head, that actually DOING what I am planning and organzing….in my head. It’s part of what makes me crazy. And part of what makes the crazy need pills. Which are generously provided for. 😉 Thank you insurance. HAHA!!

  6. OH, michelle! I so understand that one! Just think how fast we’d get out of the door if we had all non-ADHD people in our lives!! Watch out world, we’re making a comeback!

    And Brandy, growing up, we called those pill my mom took the “don’t kill your kids pills”…and they were effective b/c we’re all still here!!!

  7. yeah, it worked until we started to ask, “mom, did you take your don’t kill your kids pills today”…
    note: whether she took them or not, this was NOT a good question to ask.

    [side note/disclaimer: i love my mom, she’s my bestest friend E-V-E-R]

  8. tru dat yo. 😦

    Hey, I was telling my friend about this post and I explained the vid to her and then I read it to her and we were CRACKING UP b/c, well, like I said, that is SO ME. And SO funny!

    Your friend, I sympathize with her, b/c I am sure her head hurts as much as mine from time to time. HA!!!

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