Do you forgive me, check ‘yes’ or ‘no’

I heart C.S. Lewis.
As I’ve said in previous conversations, posts, presentations and journals, C.S. Lewis is the mentor in my life who wraps splendor, conviction and intrigue into our mentoring rapport – our dialogue remains unsullied…granted, the man is dead, however the truth in his writings are more fresh and alive to me than the waves in the ocean and the stars in the sky.
Tell me, does this quote sting your soul with heart-changing venom as it did mine?

Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea, until they have something to forgive…And then, to mention the subject at all is to be greeted with bowls of anger.
Mere Christianity [1952], book 3, chapters 7 & 9


42 thoughts on “Do you forgive me, check ‘yes’ or ‘no’

  1. Yeah, we better not put Him in THAT box. 🙂 I really like the chocolate cup idea though! And maybe He will make them kinda melt in our mouth at just the right time!

  2. Here’s a question guys, what does forgiveness mean to you?

    I had to forgive two very significant people in my life for rejecting me over and over and not understanding me and raising me to believe I was unlovable and unloving. It took me a year of tears, prayer, fears and wrestling with God to be able to do it. That was after I was convicted I had to. I didn’t think I ever would.

    For me, it was just releasing them to God. He would make things right. Someday. One way or another. I am just called to love them. No matter what. Ok, that is hard too. Harder than forgiving, to me. It is a cycle….get hurt….forgive….love… God….let Him love me….over and over……

  3. i have found in my life the hardest person to forgive has been myself. I am way, way hard on myself.

    That quote stole my breath. i saw me looking at me! holding a bowl! Both is us.

  4. Forgiveness is liberating. When you don’t forgive someone, it doesn’t really affect them as much as it affects us. I used to have a hard time forgiving people until I forgave my cousin who sexually abused me when I was a child. That was the most freeing process for me ever. Ever since then, it has been easier to forgive individuals who have hurt me.

    Sometimes I wonder if my avoidance of an individual after they’ve done something to hurt me borders on unforgiveness? I walk in love and respond when spoken to and don’t say anything to indicate I’m upset but I do avoid individuals at times when they’ve hurt me. I think I do so to get some space and perspective and so I don’t “sin in my anger.”

    Thanks for posting this. I love C.S too [clearly as I literally open closets hoping I’ll find Narnia LOL].

    Te amo Cathi!!!!

  5. I’ve read just about everything that C.S. Lewis penned, including some of his scholarly works (love, love, love The Discarded Image). So, yep, his words move me. 🙂

  6. Ummmmm I miss my daily dose of Stegall! Are you okay? Did Mark take your Mac for the weekend? As the song goes, “when will I see you again…..” LOVE and MISS you!

  7. I’m here, I’m here…no worries. Mark and I have had to arrange some more “alone time”…living in a guest room makes for some creative attempts…we were successful almost all weekend!
    So, let me get to these amazing responses…

    Tawny, I love that you ask that question! There is a definite biblical definition and understanding of forgiveness [cf: 1 John 1.9]. However, I believe there’s also a subjective understanding of forgiveness that is seen in application of the biblical definition in our lives. For example, I know that confession leads to forgiveness but forgiveness does not necessarily require it.

    Now Tam, your statement, “i saw me looking at me! holding a bowl! Both is us.” was so philosophical and full of meaning and freshness. I’m mulling over this one still!

    Love, thanks for the forgiveness… is it true for you then, that love covers a multitude of sins?

    Michelle, I just got a daily journal w/ excerpts from his writings and I read it every single day. Is it weird that I have a crush on a dead man? 😉

    gch, sweetness, I love your definition of forgiveness and thank you for your willingness to share a piece of you on this blog. I am honored to have your friendship. Now, your reluctance to address someone once they offend you until you are ready to approach them in forgiveness can be healthy to a point, but in my limited opinion, restoration requires communication, even if it hurts – I say, weigh your options to see if and when restoration is needed within the relationship…the idea that “time will heal all wounds” is like saying that a spoon full of sugar will cure diabetes. Discernment is key and prayer is the vehicle. [long response, I’m sorry]…Te Amoooooo!!!!

    Oh Kristi, your awareness of your sensitivity is such an amazing tool in forgiveness. I believe that even telling someone your feelings prior to the “forgiveness” can be both a liberating and a learning experience for both parties…at least in my experiences it has been. Thanks for sharing that part of who you are! I like that!!!

    So Musing, you’re a CS Lewis fan too!!! Seriously, my library has been taken over by his works! I like the way my brain has to wrap around his theories in order to follow his stream of thought. He’s beautiful to me!!!

    Oh Brandy, how terribly true is your statement that it’s easier said than done! Kind of like going on the atkins diet! 🙂

    Now, for Miss Taminator, I’m here…I just have liked spending some “quality time” with my slice. I like him. He said he likes me too…

    And are these crickets here to taunt alece w/ her disapproval of moths? I think taminator was merely releasing the crickets who had a slight identity disorder and our dearest brandy helped give them a voice! Power to the people, people!!!!

  8. you’re tellin me! I actually wrote this post b/c the quote punched me in the back of the head…I realized I wasn’t forgiving someone as they had forgiven me years ago…ugh, the Spirit does a good job at that confronting thing, doesn’t He!

  9. I think it might be why they call it “the school of hard knocks”…I have the “war wounds” to prove it!

    You are so my favorite Shakespearian expert! You actually have gone beyond many others before you! Yep, I never thought I’d like reading Shakespeare in written-lisp…who knew!

  10. “Out damn fpot, out i fay!”
    The fchool of hard knockf? I’d have it no other way.
    The Lady Macbeth did fuch fchool endure,
    Leffonf once learned, never forgotten – i’m fure.


    Juft for you m’Lady.


  11. Comic playf i did write – and the odd tragedie,
    twenty, or more, i would gueff.
    But none were fo comic, nor tragic, af he,
    who chofe to fpell ‘lifp’ with an ‘eff’ 🙂


  12. ok i may never do this again – but i agree with Mandy – and Brandy

    our ‘Southern’ crickets chirp – but reeeeelly quickly…

    chirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirp… you get the idea!?

    Annoying aren’t they?


    actually… come to think of it… it’s more a kind of a cheepy-cheepy thing! ( thang?)

    and for Alece’s sake i don’t think we should ever mention insects again! ‘specially not drowing in lemonade ones 🙂


  13. awww i lost five lines of :

    – ahhhhhh!


  14. OH love, as I re-read some of wf’s additions to this post…he’s got a mouth on him! 😉 It’s kind of like doing the name game w/ a kid named Tucker…oh, dear!
    Anyway, thanks for giving us ear to the annoying sound of those ausie crickets…good glory, that’s almost as crazy as the poop-throwing monkeys at the zoo! almost.

    And I agree, love, we should obstain from those drowning bugs…poor alece. she has to be so far away from her luv-muffin and here she goes, getting the doozie of a floater! poor thang.

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