MIA… {in cali} | part 1

I’m not blogging on our vacation. No, I’m not. I’m only temporarily logged onto this little thing called wordpress while Mark’s meeting w/ the bride and groom re. final wedding details, that’s all…


How To Tuesday… Ninja Tricks at the movies

Well, in honor of kristiapplesauce’s recent post regarding her movie-going experience and b/c ninja training is on my list of Top 5 Reasons Why I Blog, I’ve decided to share one of my said ninja tricks. You need no nunchakus or swords, just a movie ticket and possibly a really cool eye patch.

Have you ever been sitting in a theater, watching a movie, minding your own business, when all of a sudden, you are unable to hold the 40 oz of soda in your 10 oz bladder? You then proceed to the restroom and find that once you return to aforementioned theater, you can’t see a thing, you climb over laps, get an extra handful of popcorn and goose a granny all before your eyes adjust to the darkness?

Well, have no fear, Cathi is here! Here’s the trick…just before you leave the darkness of the theater, close or cover one eye [yeah, like a pirate], do your “business” with that one eye covered the entire time [takes some practice, I know], and don’t open your one closed eye until you re-enter the dark theater – then open your previously closed eye and voila! You can see perfectly!

[This trick may have also been known to be used by ninjas for midnight potty breaks and may help alleviate the problem of late night stubbed toes…]

Again…you’re very welcome!

mondays with marjie {reverse graffiti}

In elementary school art class, did you ever color an entire paper in black crayon and then scrape off portions of the wax to create a negative design? Alexandre Orion is a graffiti artist in Sao Paulo, Brazil who did just that using the medium of pollution on the walls of a Brazilian tunnel…read the post Marjie sent, [which is fully posted below]…better yet, you can watch the video for the lazy-man’s version and/or added effect to this already poignant tale.
{p.s. this makes me want to bike to work}

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Alexandre Orion

 This graffiti was created in reverse – by cleaning grimy city surfaces. It’s sort of a lift-and-scrub technique in which the dark areas are old, crusted pollutants. Authorities didn’t know how to charge the Brazilian graffiti artist responsible, Alexandre Orion:

The authorities were certainly miffed but could find nothing to charge him with. They had no other recourse but to clean the tunnel — but only the parts Alexandre had already cleaned. The artist merely continued his campaign on the other side of traffic. The utterly flummoxed city officials then decided to take drastic action. Not only did they clean the entire tunnel but also every other tunnel in Sao Paulo. (Inhabitat)

Reverse graffiti has been around for years. NPR ran a 2004 story about a UK artist named Moose who used a “shoe brush and water” to execute his street art; clean graffiti has been a medium of protest; Puerto Rican artist Rafael Trelles uses dirty concrete as his canvas. But Orion’s work is clever on so many levels at once. If removing pollution is vandalism, what do you call the act of creating pollution? How many drivers recognized that the medium Orion manipulated to create the graffiti skulls was actually their own contribution – their daily automobile emissions? It’s like involuntary interactive art vandalism!

And the choice of skulls as subject is brilliant – not just because of the cliche “pollution kills,” but because a naked skull has itself been “cleaned” (yes, I personally have boiled skulls to turn them denture-white). The bleached skull is a totem of life’s shocking transience, which we tacitly ignore – just as we tacitly ignore that our current consumer lifestyle is doomed by the impending shortage of fossil fuels. Which are called “fossil fuels” because. . . well, you know all that.

There are so many recursive memento mori themes in a temporary graffiti skull executed in car exhaust, I’m getting a headache. I think that means it’s good art. Right?

You can see a brief video of Orion working and the authorities intervening at his website. You can also view another of Orion’s projects, in which he executed graffiti and then photographed passers-by interacting with it, in alternately hilarious and disturbing ways.

ht: biophemera

how to…prepare for the 800 weddings this summer

Operation Summer ’08 Weddings

How do you decide what to wear to the 800 weddings this nuptial season? You do a fashion show/photo op with one of your most beautimous friends, of course!