the secret’s out {75’s a sweet number}

So, it’s hard not to notice that Mark’s lost over 40 lbs since his New Year’s commencement of The Best Shape of Your Life Challenge w/ his buddy Andy.
I, in my intrinsic ability to neglect forget my resolutions after looking at the leftovers on January 2, did not want to publicly admit my secret association to aforementioned challenge. However, I did have the inner monologue {yes, my inner-voice resounds with the distinct british air of Angela Lansbury}, “if he can do it, I can do it!”
But the secret’s out, people. I did it. Mark and my combined weight loss since January is 75 lbs! We aren’t done, but we do feel a great bit of success!
Candy kisses all around!!!!


22 thoughts on “the secret’s out {75’s a sweet number}

  1. WOW!!!! Holy cow! that is incredible! 75 pounds is like, a jr. higher. Or Karen Carpenter.

    I am SO impressed!

    You both look HOTTTT!!!! I can’t imagine you need to lose anymore by these pics…but if you say…

    i’m gonna gawk at the pics some more now thankyouverymuch

  2. way to kick the feet out from under the masterpiece of karen carpenter! But holy cow, I haven’t laughed that hard at a comment in, I don’t know, EVER!

    Anyway, thanks! I do think my hubby is one huge slice of hottness! I’m looking at a measly few lbs to finally meet my goal…but if I keep up w/ this, I could become that said jr. higher! As long as I don’t have to smell like one! ick!

  3. your main slice might be all that but YOU are all that and more!!!

    girl!!! you are smokin’!

    yes. i said it.

    and i am totally secure in it.

    my name is tam and stegall is smokin’.

  4. my original comment was gonna be “BIG yay! (no pun intended)”

    but then, i realized that i had a question:
    how in the WORLD did you drop weight while eating unnumbered gallons of icing over the past few months???

  5. You look GAWGGGGGEOUS mah dahlin! Congratulations! I’m excited you’re “back”; I missed you! But am glad you and Mark got to spend some time together 🙂 I absolutely love the pictures!!! XOXO

  6. i need to learn the secret to your success. you look amazing.

    and i love that your inner voice sounds like angela lansbury. i have her on my iPod, singing. no, she doesn’t have an album out (sorry to get your hopes up only to burst that bubble nearly instantaneously). she sings on the beauty and the beast soundtrack, which i love.

    did i tell you that you look amazing?

  7. well taminator, my name is Cathi, and I think tam is a sizzlin hot momma! But sorry to say, Mandy Mac is right…nothing even close to sugar free! Where’s the fun in that?!?!?! But Mancy Mac, I think I lost by eating spoonfulls of icing b/c it quenched my almost inquenchable sweet teeth…yes, that’s more than one tooth – my mouth is full of sweetness!

    But thanks, gch for the love! I’m in awe of the fact that you can make such great words out of things like gorgeous and cool and whatnot…majorly impressed! Now the time Mark and I had was priceless! I just love him so very, very much!

    Greetings Ms Cindy Beal! Nice to have you on here! Thanks for the encouragement too! I just love it when it’s a family effort, you know…it makes it a little bit easier than doing it all alone.

    Now alece, the secret to my success is blogging. Well, no it isn’t, but that would be great if it were!!! Though I think my inner voice had to be brittish, so Angela Lansbury just fit perfectly…b/c she rocked as a teapot all day long! And you, my dear, look amazing yourself!! You hot thang!

  8. who knows though, alece…they came up w/ video games to loose weight [Wii Fit]…so, I’m sure something is out there, I’m sure of it! Introducing, Blog Fit, where your words become action and burns the fat of of your growing *arse* (?), starting at your fingertips and streams to your toes! Coming this Fall to a blog near you!!!

  9. you know me too well, miss mandy mac…too well!

    [does it count that you already saw a picture of the icing jar? I think that might be considered cheating in oregon, but who knows?!?!]

  10. lol ya’ll funny! Cathi, I heard a song this weekend that made me think of you…he’s saying he hates saying gbye so he just says goodnight and then comes up with the alternatives for saying bye and it reminded me of our chat conv the other day! Love you!

  11. alece, what’s creating the fall-ness in you? The picture, the icing, me dancing across your screen????

    Now mandy mac, that’s nice. it must have been the guy next to me, right?

    Thanks brian! We actually have been having fun w/ this…surprise, surprise, I know!

    gch, I love that, I just love that!!! B/c seriously, that was one of my top 5 favorite parts of getting married! No more goodbyes at night! Woo-hooo!

    And love, you’re right…I could use some more cheese in my life for sure! That’s why I have you though!

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