mondays with marjie {crybaby, cry}

The following pictures are from a baby crying competition in a Tokyo temple this past April. The objective? To bring health and growth by crying the loudest.
In this contest, amateur sumo wresters try to scare the babies into crying. How nice.

Keep in mind as you view these pictures that vicarious and empathetic cries may quite possibly bring you the intended health and growth, so cry, baby, cry! And in your good health and great growth, remember to thank Marjie for sending your prosperity through sumo love!!!



14 thoughts on “mondays with marjie {crybaby, cry}

  1. Those guys are hott. Okay…so lets be serious for a minute…if you actually look at the sumos faces, it looks like they are loving the babies, not trying to scare them. They are just big teddy bears. I know this for a fact…I took Japanese in high school.

  2. big Japanese teddy bears, kristi?!?! I’d love to have met your japanese teacher!
    We used to have a japanese academy rent our school on Saturdays…so on Friday nights, we would set out a blow up dinosaur on the front lawn with a chalk-lined body and a broken desk…it was cruel, really, now that I think of it.
    oh. high school.

  3. Why are those men pregnant and holding babies?

    whose babies are they again?

    Mandy – you’re foolin’ no-one – you love nearly naked fat men with hairy thighs!

    ‘specially making baies cry…

    you know you want one! 😉


  4. OH alece, how do I always miss your comments? I think it’s like when I secretly hide money in a pocket so that it makes me happy when I find it again!
    Now, who’s marjie, you ask? Well, she’s my little bit of brilliance! We’re classmates at the university. She can find anything and everything online! She’s a web genius! I’ve begged her to start blogging b/c the things she sends me are priceless! Yet she refuses…so, I’ve taken up her case and will blog in her honor until the day she finally graces us here for good! [she sometimes comments here…she’s wonderful]

    Now love, didn’t you read the american news? We too have a pregnant man! No lie…interesting course of events for certain! But you’re right, mandy does have a thing for those thong-wearing, baby-crying, buzzed headed japanese teddy bears! How’d you know?!?!

  5. I just can’t decide what’s worse….them making babies cry on purpose, or seeing men in diapers! BLAH!
    and pregnant man? in America? what? okay, you’ve got me….off to google now.

  6. that should be outlawed. not the making babies cry thing. those men in thongs!

    i’ve tasted my breakfast a total of 5 1/2 extra times since reading this post.

    and what’s on that guys left bootyness?

  7. Ok, you guys have me cracking up. I have to say, I do think it is a little nice that somewhere in the world it is cool to be fat. Not that I would let my family go out in public in those clothes, any which way. 🙂

  8. Oh Kelly, I know! Did you google it…it’s an interesting story on diversity and America as well as one person’s push for media attention…but the best word is “interesting” for sure

    Taminator, I’m so sorry for having you retaste your breakfast, unless of course, you had a good breakfast, then, you’re welcome!

    Alece! I like her too!!! Yeah, maybe we can put together a petition to get marjie blogging by this fall!!!!

    And Tawny, can you believe that people actually plan on being sumo wrestlers? Johnny, what do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a japanese teddy bear, mommy! But please, would you stop making me cry!

  9. Yes I did google it Cathi. Not sure I’d label it “diversity”. The thought that crossed my mind (no pun intended!) was “identity crisis”!!! In a major way!! She wants to be a man, not a woman anymore, but wants to have the womanly benefits of child bearing….yeah, okay. I think I’d like to be half fish today! Yes, a mermaid is what I will be! The worlds first real one! Have my legs removed and have a fishy tail implanted! But attach my feet, so I can have it all! oh goodness… know, they used to put women with beards in the circus LOL! Okay, going to get my coffee before I get myself in trouble here!

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