welcome to the neighborhood!

So, what’s new? It seems like a cliché, but in this case, I will answer you with more than a “not much” or “all is well” torte answer.
I’ve recently fallen in love with my neighborhood. No, this is not a new dead-man crush on Mr. Rogers [however, he did have some rockin cardigans], rather I’ve fallen in love with this here blogging community. My life has drastically changed since I’ve come to meet some of these amazing folk!
We here at me.com have found that community lies not in the post-to-post mundane-ness of life, but the vivacity of energy rests in the comments! What fun we have!
For example, you just have to scan through the comments on this post to see how much fun we can have together!
Although I know some of them [i.e., my slice], I’m not sure who all of these people are in “real life”, what they like to eat for breakfast or if they top off their tank when buying fuel that costs more per gallon than I made per hour in high school…but I’ve learned to love them so!
How’d they get here? Well, they joined the commenting community, of course! Note, this isn’t a closed community. I see some of you come and go – you’re more than welcome to stay for as long as you’d like! I certainly enjoy the company!
So….here they are, but keep looking, b/c the list will continue to grow as we continue to cultivate community here at me.com!

[peruse the pictures – link to their blogs – be their friend – they’re nice]

*mark stegall

alece van rensburg

brandi wilson

brandy [my dao days]

brian alexander

cindy beall

gchyayles [serendipity]

heather whittaker

julie stein

kalia padron

kelly [just 1 reason]

love [lovewillbringustogether]

mandy thompson

michelle [consider jesus]

musings [blogtations & bohemiology]


tawny [learning to live]

theresa [his life for mine]

Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold

p.s. If you’re not on “the list”, let me know and we’ll fix it in a jiffy!

Recent Editorial Additions:
Some new additions to the community…some new friends and others were of the result of an unintentional 4 am oversight…oops…

giant idiot

petey crowder



37 thoughts on “welcome to the neighborhood!

  1. Hey…I know most of those peeps. Yay. They freakin rock. And just so you know…Miss. Mandylala was the one who hooked me up with you. Yup…she did her job well. Good good. Carry on.

  2. You make me miss the”creative outlet” time I used to have before I had a zillion and one kids! Such nice little tags for all of us! It would be a miracle if I found the time to put spaces between all of the names insteadofthemalljustrunningtogether with my “creative time” allotment!
    Nice job! You gave me some special warm fuzzies to go with my coffee this morning:)

  3. ack! and then I notice that you are not on my blogroll when I thought you were! Apologies….I’ve just added a room onto the blog house for you to move into:) I’ll keep my 6am coffee time on the quiet side so as not to wake you too early…..

  4. i found you through mandy. she emailed me about you and said “you HAVE to go visit her – i heart her!” she’s got it bad stegall. and she’s passed it onto me!

    why are you so stinkin cool!? you’ve infected us!

  5. Good heavens, you guys are so beautimous!

    Mandy Mac, it makes me smile to know you were looking at me.com at 7 in the morning…that’s stinkin impressive! And yes, you can be my agent…does free agent mean free of charge too? It can be a paradox of sorts!!!

    Kristi – I’m so incredibly pumped that we are now friends…who else can become friends through a southern expert of blogging hospitality, may I ask? who?

    Now Kelly, please don’t worry about the creative outlet thing…it came to me in the early hours when I couldn’t sleep. ick. I’d much rather sleep…but it was fun nonetheless.
    And no worries about the blog roll…I’m confident in this community, blog roll or no blog roll! We’re amazing!!!

    Taminator…living w/o you would be like living w/o water! I’d die in a week flat, I’m sure of it!!! Thanks be to mandy mac for her wonderful world of networking genius!

    Brandi – I’m glad you’re here! If we were real neighbors, I’d run out of eggs on purpose just to stop by your house for a few!

    Tawny, you are sooo meant to be here! It’s as if you’ve had the house with the tire swing! It’s so much fun to stop over to your place!

    gch, oh sweek gch! I love it that you’re happy! I love our little community, and I just love you too!!!!

    now alece, that link love is all yours! Take it, run with it, dance with it…get some hip-swingage, my friend!!!

    and Julie, oh julie…I too loved being for real neighbors with you…but don’t worry about my cherrios, I’ll switch to special k for the week. it’s all good!

  6. Is it weird that the theme song from Mr. Roger’s is going like a broken record through my head?? It has been ever since I read this earlier tonight (btw, I emailed you earlier too). “Won’t you be? Won’t you be? Oh please won’t you be….my neighbor.” 😆

    I have a love hate relationship with our little blogging family…. I hate that I love it so much. By hate I mean head over heels love it. Blog love, it’s addicting! 😯

    p.s. I added you to ma’ roll. homey.

  7. oh, come’on cindy, you know you like it! 😉

    hislife [or do you prefer your name…I wasn’t so sure], you know, I love this community too…”refreshing” is the perfect word for it! I actually find this community more rewarding than most others! It’s full of luvin!

    Sarah!!!! I do remember the sarah workman [sam burke] from BBC!!! How fantastic! I went to your blog and saw that you’re a momma and just came back from a missions trip to Haiti giving dental education! Girlfriend, that’s amazing! Welcome to this little community!!!! Welcome!

    Mandy Mac, can I borrow a few bucks? I’m thinking my salary from the college won’t be too adequate and maybe your seminary salary might fill in the gaps…wha-da-ya-think??? eh?

    Michelle…muffin, this is more than a hug, it’s a HUGGGG, you know, one of those you get from your kiddos where you could just squeeze them forever! Yeah, it’s one of those!

    Hey slice!!! I love you, I love you, I loooooooove you!!! I like that you’re here too! You make every piece of me happy and thankful that you’re all MINE!!! [possessiveness can be healthy, sure!]

    Now Brandy, I’m so glad that you admitted the song thing…cause the same thing happened to me! Maybe we DO have a dead-man crush! But I did get your e/m…you are such an awesome example of mommy-hood! Love it! Maybe, through your blog, I’ll release some of those unfounded fears!

    Of course, Love, cleveland is over a little pond called the atlantic ocean! “it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…would you be mine, could you be mine, won’t you be my neighbor!”

  8. Thanks for the link, I’m checking the others now.

    I am disappointed that Paris Wilson is included in the post. I have been a Stegall FAMILY reader for much longer than her.


  9. I am starting to lean towards using my name…buy I’ll answer to anything!
    Oh hey, along those lines…I am Miss Mandy’s Executive Assistant and as such need a paycheck as well. So you’ll have to make sure to pay her enough to pay the underling.

  10. brandy called you homey. hahahahahaha!

    stegall, if you knew here in real life you would know why that is so funny to me.

    are you still dog paddling???

  11. You’re right brian, I think it was you who initiated this entire community in the first place! I think.

    Now GI and petey, I”m so sorry, I did this at 4 am…I’m updating it now, I am, I am!!! Maybe it was some subliminal payback for a bad deed in the past? eh?

    hislife, alrighty then, I’m gonna have to take out a second mortgage to set my tab straight w/ “ya’ll”…my husband’s gonna kill me! But I’ll have to consider the option to pay in cookies. Hislife suggests double stuf, and those are amazing, I do know I could convince you to almost anything w/ a sleeve of chips a’hoy though…hmmmmmm.

    Michelle, I’m full of ’em! So just let me know, I toss hugs out as if they were candy at a parade!

    dog paddling for certain! I’m an expert dog paddler!!!!!!!! Lots and lots of practice, ya know.

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