a weekend of wonders!

Where has Cathi been? Well, seeing that this has been the most frequently asked question recently, I will delight you with my deluge of a weekend!

A few of my classmates from grad school got together on Friday to spend the day at Kalahari [i.e., the world’s larges indoor water park]. ‘Twas a blast, save for the puking due to heat exhaustion, yes, ’twas a blast.

I got home early Saturday morning to create signs for Mark’s first race, The Race for the Cure 5k. My nephew and I stood alongside him and were the best stinkin cheerleaders you’d find this side of the Mississippi! Maybe. He did an amazing job! I’m just finishing up the video, so be expecting a stegall clip faster than you can read subtitles on my favorite french film, Amelie.

Finally, and most importantly, today Mark baptized my niece and nephew…what an amazing experience!!!

Hence, my life when I’m not blogging, thank you very much!
Dare I ask a post-post question??? I’ll try it again for size…What do you do when you’re not blogging?


28 thoughts on “a weekend of wonders!

  1. Oh Oh Oh I’m the FIRST to respond yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    You look beautiful as always honey! And what a fun-filled weekend you had! As compared to me…I was doing papers all week lol. The semester is coming to an end though so I do see the light…HALLELUJAH!

    Your love for Mark and excitement for your marriage is SO inspiring to me Cathi! Thank you so much for reminding of what a wonderful gift marriage is. I have a wonderful husband too and cherish him with ALL my heart. I just need to get better at spending less time on the computer–can I come to you for therapy?? 🙂

    I love you so much and am so glad you came into my life. XOX

  2. actually les. i was first to respond. not that im competitive or anything 😉 but i have been trying to posts comments here and it wont let me… 😦 im having a day…

  3. oh gch, I’m so glad you’re a part of my life too! You’re right, I do love my mark so very, very much and it’s true…marriage is incredibly exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉
    Therapy??? Well…here’s my recipe for a great balance between blogging and life: always include laughter and randomness and you’ll be good to go! Oh, and throw in a tootsie roll and call it a day!

    So sorry that me.com is forgetting its loyalties, my taminator. I’ll give it a talking to and we’ll be back to normal!!! I like seeing that “ya’ll ain’t right” avatar of yours…makes me smile every time! Kind of like finding the temporary tattoo at the bottom of the cereal box! oh yeah!!!

  4. I rescued you from the spam-monster, Taminator, I rescued you!!! that has to be major points, right?!?!

    Oh, and yes, my slice dons his oregon t, yet he often gets the question if he originates from the fine state…he’s then forced to respond that it was a hand-me-down. oh drudge.

  5. Sounds like you’ve had a great weekend. I’m impressed with anyone who can run any amount of distance since I’m an unfit loser. 🙂 So when I’m not blogging I’m obviously not working out. Give me a book and a chai frapp by the pool any day.

  6. awwwh, man! I should’ve remembered that anytime you add google to anything it turns into gold.

    can i interest you in a truce if I include some of gch’s amazing chocolate?

  7. oh lori…can I tell you that I HATE running and find absolutely NO enjoyment in it WHATSOEVER?!?! Yeah, I too would rather have that book and chai…well either that or the elliptical – once you get the hang of it, that thing is fun!

  8. so special that hubs baptized your niece and nephew. and i’m glad to hear that you have a life outside of us… although we missed you around here for sure.

    (you look so similar to someone i know… it’s crazy-making.)

  9. wow, brandi! I could imagine that you’d be busy doing all those things 24/7…and to add blogging to the mix – I’m impressed. I just suggest not doing all three at the same time b/c you’re on the way to making 1/2 of american wives look REALLY bad! 🙂

    Miss Mandy Mac, can I be completely honest w/ you? I’m guessing that’s a yes. Well, I’m glad all you do is blog and think of blogging…b/c what would this world be w/o the likes of miss mandy mac??? Oh, tragedy!

    And Michelle! I know, I know!!!

    My Julie…talking to you on the way home tonight made my day!

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