yes, Lois, Superman can RUN fast too!

Grab some popcorn and icing and watch as my favorite nephew and I cheer on my super hero at the Race for the Cure 5k this past Saturday…Mark won 3rd place in the men’s division…not too shabby for his first race ever! Yeah Mark!!!

I just love him so very, very much…can you tell?


18 thoughts on “yes, Lois, Superman can RUN fast too!

  1. way to go, main slice of cheese! what was your music of choice for your run?

    (side note: watching him makes me think i pump my arms way too much when i run…)

    and great cheering action from the peanut gallery!

  2. @alece: thanks so much for the encouraging words! my music of choice for the morning was of course…coldplay! anything to keep my mind off of the inevitable…running. and don’t worry, i pump my arms enough to churn butter. on average, after a 3 mile run i could probably churn about 14 lbs of butter! so, your secrets safe with me!

  3. mark — i should’ve known it was coldplay. do you like their new album? i haven’t heard it yet… is it worth investing in?

    and i loved the mental image of 14 pounds of butter being churned during your run… i bet cathi could whip up some yummy icing with that.

  4. @alece: their new album is…different…in a good way. i streamed it last week and i will be buying it on the 11th when it comes out.

    hmmm…butter & icing! that could be…different…in a good way too! i’ll stick to the butter but cathi would probably run circles around me if she had to whip up some icing!

  5. wow! it’s nice to have you here, babe! You’re my champion, you are, you are!!! Now, about this coldplay issue….

    alece, ummmm, my friend, my sweet, sweet friend, WHERE DO YOU GET ICING SUGAR?!?!?!?!??!?

    Mandy Mac, don’t worry about going to the gym, it only makes us look funnier when we think we can keep up w/ these guys! You see, I run worse than a girl…I run like a toddler w/ a full diaper. It’s bad. really. bad.

  6. oops. sometimes i get my languages mixed up. i think what we call “icing sugar” in south africa is called “confectionery sugar” here in the good ol’ u.s. of a. (basically, powdered sugar…)

  7. oooohhhh!!! Alece, you have just become my favorite person EVER!!!!

    Amy…isn’t he great!!! I know mark’s going to be glued to the tv throughout the month of august! He just loves the summer olympics!

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