mondays with marjie {art}

i bought a print off of this woman’s etsy site. she creates some AMAZING things:



14 thoughts on “mondays with marjie {art}

  1. great question, my friend! it all started here
    but in short, this is what I said:
    “My friend Marjie from grad school is an internet treasure hunter and resource guru. She can find the most fascinating information and knows exactly who would need the information and when…she’s amazing! My goal is to figure out how to fit her in my satchel and carry her around everywhere with me!”

    I’ve tried to convince her to blog to no avail…she’s declined me every time. However, I’ve made it my responsibility to grace the world with the presence of this world wide web wonderful woman!!!

    That’s marjie!

  2. oh michelle, how appropriate for you to bring your art over to this post on art!!!! I’m so happy that you did! I’m impressed both by your creativity and by the sideburns on the picasso! Good heavens, that’s amazing!

  3. Okay, I know a new addiction is brewing INSTANTLY when my eyes BULGE 😯 at the sight of something I like THIS MUCH. And by bulge, I mean I have to shove them back in again.

    I’ve been at a loss for how to decorate the boys’ rooms. Not anymore. And this is going to be a hard one to curb….. b/c while $20 is inexpensive…for ONE…. I will most likely find it hard to stop….b/c I can’t pick just one.

    Oh heaven help me. My heart is racing and all I can think about is “where is my debit card!” 😯

    Jake’s gonna kill me.

  4. This is bad. Really. I have already picked out FOUR that I want. Hmmm…..if I buy one per payday that should be okay….right??? 😆 HAAA!!!

    Thanks a lot! 😉 heehee

  5. oh, i love my picasso head too!!! Miss Mandy Mac, your picasso head and my picasso head are friends. they’re nice.

    Oh Brandy, I know!!! I’m so glad you liked her site! However, it was my friend Marjie who purchased one of her prints already…but I”m not too far away from that step!!! I like the idea of one every paycheck…another one to check out on is seasprayblue…I heart every single piece of their work! check them out too in your decorating frenzy!!! [sorry…i don’t believe I’m helping, am i]

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