ice cream utopia!!!!

In honor of Cleveland remembering that it’s supposed to be pretty outside, I’ve decided to post my ice cream post of all posts!

You see, ice cream has been on my mind a lot lately. It started when I gave myself a good ol’ green pat on the back for embracing yet another one of my green living challenges to put less in the land fills and make this world a better place [oh, the utopia!!!]. What did I do, you ask…I ate my ice cream in an ice cream cone!!! We’ve advanced to the next level, people! First, a ceramic mug for coffee and now an edible conduit for ice cream! Try it sometime; it makes you feel better instantaneously!

Second piece of frozen-indulgence thoughts that broadsided me recently…a friend asked me, “So what is going to happen with ice cream trucks? With the gas prices rising, how can they stay in business?” Granted, ice cream trucks are like the neighborhood bully on diesel that sings like a broken jewelry box and robs the other neighborhood kids blind, but still…I gotta have my choco taco!

Finally, while enjoying some Mexican food w/ a few of my classmates this weekend, some indulged in a shared bowl of fried ice cream while another most serendipitously noted, “What’s the deal with fried ice cream. I mean, it’s already bad b/c it’s ice cream, now you’re going to fry it?” Uh…Note taken.

Hark, Cleveland, summer is on its way!
The end


20 thoughts on “ice cream utopia!!!!

  1. HA!
    You know, alece, I imediately thought of your words on americans and their cookie dough habits when I was writing about fried ice cream…I have no idea how that works either! I’ll stick w/ soft serve, thank you very much!

  2. I crave st patrick’s mint and chocolate swirl from golden spoon almost every day — but I make it look like I’m just an amazing mom that is taking the kids when it is really about me. Pitiful!

  3. i think im the only one on the planet who doesnt eat ice cream. its not that i dont like it – i just dont eat it. can we still be friends dahling???

    but i love me a good waffle cone, dipped in chocolate and covered with sprinkles. i order those at ice cream shops w/out ice cream.

    eat a cone. save a cow (milk)


  4. lori…i think i’m gonna be a lot like you when I’m a mom.

    Tam, how about this…i’ll eat the ice cream, you eat the cone!

    It’s true. Mandy Mac is right. The fried ice cream is good…i’m just keepin notes, that’s all. But seriously, mandy, what in the south ISN’T fried?

  5. Mmmmm, now I want a milkshake. I will drink it straight from the blender so as not to dirty any glasses…..that’s my green contribution! HAHAHA!!! 😉

    Seriously though. I will. 😯

  6. hmmm, I had that milkshake. It was gooood. YUM YUM. I put chocolate marshmallow flavor for coffee in there. OH. MY. *sigh* 😳

    And sadly, I didn’t drink it from the blender. I had to share it with Jake and he is like Mandy and Alece….phobic of the saliva. 😉 heehee

  7. Brandy! That sounds amazing!!!! This was a homemade milkshake?!?!? My mom used to make those for us when we were kids! Oh the nostalgia!

    I think ice cream should be inducted into the food pyramid…yeah, besides “dairy”…by now, ice cream deserves its own block!

  8. brandy! send me some of those skills! I feel like a terrible daughter b/c I have no idea how to make one! Share a skill, eh???

    Miss Mandy…I think that was bad karma from your jealous blog friends. not me, of course!!!

  9. Okie dokie:

    You must have an amazing blender or else this will be a bit difficult.

    Put as much ice cream as you can in the blender….I just loosely fill it to the top. Ummm, about 6-8 really good scoops. Give or take. The I put in some chocolate of some sort…… choc milk mix, hot choc mix (makes it malty), or like last night I used a chocolate marshmallow powder mix for coffee. Oh, I also use coffee syrups when I have them on hand. 😉 Then pour milk in (I use whole…. I know, I might die at an early age). Top the blender of course and BLEND. I usually do the “ice chop” b/c I want it done fast. HA!! I just keep adding milk until it blends thoroughly. And then depending on how thick/thin/lumpy you want it you can either stop adding milk or keep adding milk. I also like a LOT of chocolate. So that just depends on your taste.

    See, it’s not really a recipe. I cook like our great grandma’s…. don’t always use a real recipe for anything, even milkshakes. HAHA!!

    Let me know how yours turn out! 😀

  10. Petey! It’s a done deal!!! Last time mark and i went to dallas [last year, prior to knowing, of course!], we were sooo impressed on their mexican restaurant skills! That state knows how to cook! We absolutely LOVED the west end! that place was beautiful!

    tam, do the tums, even w/ the chalky taste, it covers “all the bases”…beano is partial to gas. But, who isn’t these days???

    Brandy…I thank you from the bottom of my ice-cream-lovin heart!!!!!! I can’t wait, just can’t wait! Is it bad to have a shake for breakfast? I know I saw it on a commercial once – one for breakfast, one for lunch and a sensible dinner, right?

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