how to…become a SUPER STAR

How to become a SUPER STAR:

  1. View the video below
  2. Practice for the next few weeks
  3. Impress all your friends at the 12 dozen weddings this summer
  4. Quickly become the star of the party
  5. Find yourself as the winner of Dancing w/ the Stars
  6. Be forever indebted to Cathi Stegall for her willingness to share this information to make the world a better place

you’re welcome!


38 thoughts on “how to…become a SUPER STAR

  1. couple things here.

    he’s kinda cute.

    i like his gloves.

    im genuinely concerned about his wood floors.

    did anyone noticed how he deforms his right hand when he moonwalks?

    and THANK YOU!!! my kids NOW have something to do this summer!!!


  2. Cindy: LOL! i’m not laughing at you. but i’m laughing. ’cause you can’t walk right now… i’m sorry.
    maybe you can add that to your therapy stuff…
    [hangs head in shame]

  3. oh hislife, this is no embarrassment! The moonwalk is forever celebrated as God’s gift to weddings. Someone’s got to do it.
    Just think, all your daughter’s friends will want to grow up to be just like you! All because of a few slick dance moves! Let’s celebrate!!!!

    Bradi, it’s true, many people [I] can find anything on youtube. And furthermore, it’s true that many people [I] spend hours looking for dancing how to videos! After mandy mac’s blog on her and drew’s dancing skills…I have to admit, I got terribly jealous and have been studying the fine art of moon walking ever since!

    brandy, let’s form a club, ok?

    Oh papa! I bet you rocked her socks off! We’ll hook you up w/ the special gloves too! Next step, the Electric Slide!!!!

    Cindy!!! I agree w/ Mandy Mac…that was hysterical, seeing your current condition! Oh. my. heavens. [please don’t sue me!]

    Sure tam, “your kids” now have something to do this summer. You know, so do mine!!! Breaking a hip? If papa’s willing to do it…what’s holding you back, my lady? Eh? and yes, “Killer” has a strong resemblance to “cute”…I attribute it to the accent!

    Petey, is that question asking ME to make the video, b/c seriously, I dance worse than Betty White on ritalin.

    Alece, you KNOW you want to!!! [ahh, the joys of peer pressure]

    HA! Brainteaser, thanks for being the REAL honest one here…we love authenticity [buzzword of 2007, RIP]

    Alece, I haven’t considered making a video how to not cut off your head…that seems a bit morbid, now doesn’t it?

  4. Why? Why am I not 14 right now? I am ruined for the rest of the day. You know another bummer? There is no freakin Hot Topic for me to get those gloves. What is the world coming to? Or is it too? I need to get Daniel to watch this video. Tonight is going to be HOTT!!! I will fill you in tomorrow. Watch out!

  5. oh yeah, that’s right…i let him borrow it after i showed him to do the moon & air walk so he could put his new found knowledge on the internets!

  6. WATCH OUT WORLD….HERE COMES KRISTI!!! Hey, this is a new way to gain support too…do this at the churches and you’ll have full support for the rest of your lives!

    my sweet mandy mac, didn’t your momma teach you that you can’t joke about a woman’s age, shoe size, weight or cooking…or style, or stance, or family…or career, or kids, or car…….need I say more?

    Oh favorite hero, throwing in the air guitar will be the perfect recipe for awesomeness! you’ll be the all-star of the evening!

    Babe, I forgot to tell you that I sold that track jacket on ebay…it reminded me too much of Luke Wilson in The Royal Tenenbaums…sorry. 🙂

    Taminator, I’ve been known to be a stellar peace maker…although, I don’t feel I’m doing too hot w/ you two…I’m suggesting doing the “family hug” until the two of you get along!

  7. OH, but kristi, you can now awe him w/ your skills…he installs fans and you do the air walk…they go together like pb&j!!!

    I heart older men too…remember, I have a dead man crush on CS Lewis!

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