top 20 ways to come up w/ stellar blogging ideas {the vegetarian version}

Do you find that even though throughout the day you say, “wow, I should really blog about THAT”, you actually get blank-page-phobia once you begin to write a post? Or you skip a few days b/c you feel there is nothing of which to write? Well, one of my favorite blogging resources, provides an infinite array of how to’s, tips, ideas and inspiration for every type of blogger: the novice, the average and up through the veteran [to me, anyone who began blogging before 2004 is considered a veteran].
One of my most viewed skellywag posts endows its readers with the top 20 ways to come up w/ amazing blogging ideas. It embellishes each proposal, so if you want more meat than I’m providing in this vegetarian version of the post…go here. Otherwise, here they are…top 20 ways to come up w/ amazing blogging ideas:

  1. Carry a notebook.
  2. Keep a list.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Driving.
  5. Read a lot.
  6. Find inspiration.
  7. Listen.
  8. Find twists.
  9. Examine your life.
  10. Question everything.
  11. Trawls through fresh resources.
  12. Bounce stuff off others.
  13. Reader emails.
  14. Forums.
  15. Ask.
  16. Magazine rack.
  17. Look deep inside yourself.
  18. Learn from your mistakes.
  19. Be inspired by nature.
  20. Music.

As wonderful as these are, I’m sure there are others. My inspiration is insomnia.
Time to outshine the stars, people!


24 thoughts on “top 20 ways to come up w/ stellar blogging ideas {the vegetarian version}

  1. I am so glad that is your inspiration, brandi…your life shines through that inspiration so clearly! You’ve got a knack for bringing your character and identity into a great piece of blog!

  2. Yeah, I get my best thoughts/ideas late at night too. Or in the shower. A lot in the shower actually. Maybe that’s why Tam takes her laptop potty with her….ya think?? 😆

    Usually I can’t fall asleep b/c I’m “blogging” in my mind. Seriously, once you start it gets in your viens…you can’t stop!! 😯

    Do you ever get the “angry blog” going in your head? The one where you KNOW you can’t post it? yeah, I get those too.


  3. I will just go with the “question everything” option, that one comes easy. 🙂 Are you going to share yours, because you come up with some very unusual stuff. 🙂

  4. brandy – when did you get it into your head that i take my laptop big-potty with me? 😕 you crazy 😯

    stegall – I needed this list. if you weren’t married and i was a boy and we lived in the same town and conditions were just right, no, perfect, i would totally frontal hug you.


  5. love that shirt! hahaha

    My life is pretty full right now, but I seriously catch myself looking at people and thinking “what an awesome post that would make”…

    Bwandi- the shower is also a good place to come up with good ideas…its the only time someone is not wanting something from me…hahaha my brain needs silence and then I am a little afraid of what comes out of it! 😯 nope can’t blog that moments!

  6. Great list! I found it funny though that we actually have a “mantra” for blogging and are looking for ways to enhance our blogging expertise. LOL. I try not to blog too much about me because I’m always wondering if people find that incredibly boring. I mean what’s interesting to me may not mean anything to the other person [fuh real, Tam]. But usually I pray for God to give me a Word that would be useful and encouraging to someone who comes across it and He is faithful to do so. Let’s add praying to the list! LOVE YOU XOXOXO

  7. My problem is sitting still long enough to actually think. The other problem is when you “dream blog.” Kind of obsessively scary.

  8. HA! You guys crack my face! First of all, Tam, that frontal hug comment…yeah, that was brimming w/ amazing awesomeness! And all things considered, I’d accept! 8)

    Brandy & Alece [sweet new Alece Sr!!!]…I’m not one of those who stays a long time in the bathroom, so I don’t have enough “meditation time” to consider posting options, but yes, I agree…the reason tam got a laptop was so she could “multi-task” in the bathroom! I’m sure!

    His Life…I would have never guessed! I’m so glad this helped! I tend to look at the screen staring back at me and sometimes imagine myself throwing a dictionary at it just to get a few words on the page…it’s sad.

    Tawny, were you one of “those kids” who incessantly asked “why”? Questioning everything makes you a whiz at trivia pursuit, for sure…at the blogger’s retreat, TAWNY’S ON MY TEAM!

    Darla! I don’t have any kiddos, but I totally agree w/ you about shower time! When I have the time, I lock the door and sit under the water until it turns cold! I love how you take the real life experiences and turn them into a post! It’s like when clark kent runs into a phone booth and comes out as super man! What a transformation!

    Mandy Mac, I can’t claim that word, it was from the original post, but I have a family favorite for you… “stootz”…that’s when a gaseous air is released from your hind quarters. I like family words!

    Gch…seriously, you could write about how long it is taking for your pedicure to wear off and I’d still love it!!! Write about what’s on your heart…don’t give a flyin pizza about what others find boring! I heart your brain! And love you dearly!

    Finally, miss tawny, no worries about using my inspirational tactic…I have enough to share! 🙂

  9. Lori I totally have dream-blogged and dreamed of bloggers and blogged about dreams – oh the cycle of insanity!!!

    gch, I’m so glad your toes look beautiful as new! lstill back atcha!

  10. TAM!! I said nothing of the “big” potty. 😕 But I do remember some comment chatter about you taking the laptop to the bathroom with you. Which I find totally hilarious b/c I’m surprised I don’t do that….yet.

    Cathi, I think in the shower for the same reasons Darla gave….I’m alone. At that’s the ONLY time I’m EVER alone. EVER. And even then, I can hear them saying “MOMMMYYYY!!!!” and beating on my bedroom door. 😯 haha!

  11. HA! Brandy, you seriously have me a’rollin’!!!!
    My sister told me of a time she was finally alone at home, hubby and 4 kids were away…time to take a shower and relax w/ out the pounding on the door or the talking through the keyhole…until she looked down, and there was the cat’s paw reaching under the door…never a dull moment, I’m sure!
    […reason 872 why Cathi’s not ready to have kids yet!]

  12. Just stumbled upon your blog 🙂 Those 20 reasons to blog/link to skelliewag is going to be a big help for me! There are many days when I want to blog, but I just lack the ideas for some reason. So thanks for posting that cool resource!

    Great blog, btw! I’ll be back for sure =)

  13. (Shoot, I forgot to update my profile and change my website address….my blog is:…if you were interested in wanting to view it :))

  14. greetings heather!!! so glad you stopped by!!!you’re going to love skelliewag! there’s new stuff all the time over there!!!

    I’m heading over to “your place” in the blogosphere right now!!!

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