my social justice traffic jam

I’m stuck.

I’ve been brainstorming topics for a poster presentation at a social work conference this fall. I feel at a loss to narrow down my passions for global hunger and poverty, non prof/faith-based collaborations, the environment’s affect on humanity, the strength in numbers reflected in groups, and 21st century social work.

I wish I could do all of them, but I would much rather narrow my options in order to most effectively share my heart on the targeted issue. I feel as though my heart is divided within the very element I love so avidly. How does one decide a passion over all other passions? How can I say that one of these issues impacts me more strongly than the others when each one of them grips my heart and carries it on wings to advance a vista of ideas, inspiration and action?


18 thoughts on “my social justice traffic jam

  1. I have a challenge for you…

    Design a poster where the topic is in the eye of the beholder…

    Come up with something that will inspire any who see it to do something positive for their Social Cause of choice…

    Whatever they are most passionate about will be what they see in your work of art – and will go out more inspired to do something in support of it.!

    Go-on… i dares ya! 🙂

    Are you up for it?


  2. I can only tell you what I would ask myself. 1. Which one does God care about the most? 2. Which has eternal value?

    And sorry Cathi, I am not good with Trivial Pursuit. I didn’t have a tv growing up. I wish I didn’t have one now but my hubby would die without it. He thinks he would anyway. 🙂

  3. Ooo! I like Love’s idea too! But I must say, I kind of have no idea what you are talking about (besides hunger, poverty and the enviroment) so maybe I should just GO CLEAN MY KITCHEN!

  4. you guys are amazing!
    Love, your suggestion is beautiful. I’m totally going to throw that idea around to see how I can use a more abstract concept that will attract more inquiry.
    And Tawny, thanks for giving me a filter to use! I love my work in social welfare, and those questions will be continually on the forefront of my mind! I appreciate your intentional choice to place an eternal value on the topic! Great thoughts! [and no worries about trivia pursuit…I always get dropped during the first round!]

    Miss Mandy Mac, no worries, if I tried to do what you do w/ singing, blogging, videos and relationships…you’d find me hiding in a closet doing deep breathing techniques and singing an unknown song!

    We need each other; we all are different parts of the body…I’m a pinkie!!!

  5. I just wanted to tell you that I think you are very kind. I bet you hear clever and funny and original all of the time, so I just wanted to tell you that I also appreciate your kindness. I am off camping, so I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. one body many parts. im glad this is your part cuz i have NO idea what to say here!

    so…good idea Love! way to go Mate!

    love you stegall!!!

  7. Not sure if i am a heart? or a ‘nut??

    GOT it!!!.. i’m a chest – nut! 🙂

    So this body is liike a ‘tree’ – with pinkies?? Hmmm..???

    Extract the Abstract you Crazy Diamond… or is that a winkie pinkie?? lol 🙂


  8. Okay, so all I can really offer here is prayer that you will figure it out. But what I love love love here is that you are doing something to change the world. I seriously have said this 5 billion times and will keep saying it. I do not think that people have to sell everything they own and move to Africa to make a difference…You (everyone) just has to find their nitch and do something. If we all did the same thing we would all be living in Africa feeding hungry kids. Who then would help those in Wisconsin or Asia or the lady at Wal-Mart? We all have to just be willing to do something to help the people around us…to serve and love. I am so encouraged by this post. Thank you for partnering, serving, making the change and difference I want to see in myself. You freakin rock.

  9. Oh Tawny, I just love you! Please enjoy your camping trip…I, as you already know, cannot camp. I can roast marshmallows, I can cook hot dogs, I can even put up a tent…but sleeping in it is another story. My biggest phobia is getting eaten alive by bugs or carried to their queen to be a POC [prisoner of camping] for the rest of my life! So, here’s to you, princess camper! May you thrive in a wild environment forever! 🙂

    Taminator, I love you too! If I have anything to say about it, you’re a hand…not just b/c I want to make sure my part is near yours, but b/c you’re a motivator…so, you pat us on the back when we’ve done well and slap us on the back of the head when we need to change directions!

    Oh Love, you never cease to amaze/amuse me! Pinkies can do many a’things though….point at objects rather piously, drink high tea like a dignitary, pick noses, and the like…

    Kristi…that comment is going to find itself printed and tucked in the middle of my Bible. Coming from you, that has to be the most amazing, inspiring, motivating, encouraging comment that could double as a commencement speech! And, btw, my dear, YOU FREAKIN ROCK!

  10. Dude, I’m with you. It’s hard when people ask you to pick the “one thing” that you’re passionate about. There are so many issues facing our world, and especially the church today. Where do we begin? How do we pick just one?

  11. OH, taminator, I know…and to think we survive w/o our hearts exploding…it’s a miracle!!!

    Hey Brad! I’m glad you’re w/ me on this…hey, if I take one, you take another, kristi another, and michelle [after conversion of course 🙂 HA!] another…we certainly can make a little dent! I’d much rather have a little dent than have nothing change at all!

    Oh Kristi, how can you be thousands of miles away and still make me laugh until my buttons pop? Huh?

    Michell, I appreciate your honesty…this unjust society can make us jaded, but I really think that it’s the jaded people who can make the biggest change…they’re sick of it! I like that! Keep up the ‘jade’, turn it into a passion, and CHANGE THE WORLD!!!! 🙂

  12. you have an amazing heart to be that passionate about all of those all-consuming causes.

    and i have no advice. only this: read isaiah 30:21.

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