when the slice is away…the Cat will play!

dear slice,

here is this little 3 minute video card for you to enjoy and know exactly what happened today and why I’ve been taking motrin and tums for the past 6 hours.
love, me


11 thoughts on “when the slice is away…the Cat will play!

  1. can i come play too??? please, please, please??!?!?!

    OK – i totally talked out that sentence in my head while i typed it and i sounded just. like. you. and let me tell you something….it was much more pleasant than sounding like miss mandy pants 😯 what!?!

    have fun girls! stay in trouble! yes. that’s right!

    love you stegall!!!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA I am rollin at the “Cathi got hit by the football.” She says it so nonchalantly.

    I wanna play too. Can we all play?!?!

    My friend told me to tell hubby “happy father’s day in advance.” I was like I’ll tell him in five years LOL

    Love you so much! Glad you’re feeling better from that boingggg! XOX

  3. and tam…i’m glad you’re hearing me as voices in your head…if i hear you in my head, are we having a conversation?

    YES!!! gch, we can all play. we here at me.com are a equal opportunity player. oh. wait. that didn’t sound right at all. Anyway, the whole football thing was so not fun…I had no idea those things could produce so much pain upon impact! Note: don’t plan on getting hit in the head w/ a football w/o knowing it, ok!

  4. Do you have a degree in film making? You’re very good!!

    Cute niece…doesn’t that make you want kids sooner rather than later?? They will make your world come even more alive.

    Wow. You…more alive…I’m not sure the world could handle it!!

    ♥ U

  5. papa, oh, yes…she “expresses” herself very well! 🙂 Her energy just cracks me up…it was nearly 1 am, and she was still going strong! I secretly recorded her telling a story, and when I replay it, it seems as though it’s on fast-forward! Glory, that girl can talk!
    And papa, I”m glad you’ve never experienced child birth… 😉

    Oh michelle, thanks for the dear compliment! I have so many friends who are much more creative than I, so that makes me feel soooo wonderfully! I just do this to have fun and very rarely think about the quality of it all…maybe I should try that for a change! But thanks nonetheless!
    I do love my little nieces and nephew…but they’re all we can handle right now…we just ‘rent’ them when we get what brandy calls the “baby bug”…and then, we’re good for at least a few months!

    mandy mac… i guess tam feels comfortable here to place all of her mandy-woes…we here at me.com foster a no-hold-back-the-woes policy. I’m glad you think she’s the cutest. right now, the jury’s out between mandy mac and the taminator…but we’ll cue you in after our deliberation.

  6. At least with the pain of childbirth you cute warm cuddly baby. 😆 All you get with a football is a headache…. but wait, you get that with kids too…so…..

    This made me REALLY miss my nieces. 😦 Like, a lot.

    And you always make me SMILE! 😀

  7. hooray for smiles, muffin!
    I think I’ll stick w/ the football headaches for now…not as though I prefer them, but I can prepare for them better…just wear a helmet…w/ kids, I have to get specail baby-proofing gadgets for my entire house rather than just my head!!!!

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