when the slice is away, the Cat will play | part 2

[just in case you wanted to know how to make a home made jacuzzi or how to feed a dog under water…christie kiddo #2 has the hook up]


13 thoughts on “when the slice is away, the Cat will play | part 2

  1. ha! It’s true, jonathan, The little niece had her “commercial”, and I crept in w/ my secret message at the end…
    it was actually the result of a very limited creative venture at 1 in the morning!

  2. Hey Cathi 🙂 That’s a great little video! ^.^ I bet you guys have many laughs!
    Btw; thanks for the returned comments on my blog…yes I find it funny too about the quote on loving horses yet growing up in a fishing community…hahah 🙂
    I’ve added you to my blogroll. 🙂

  3. oh tam…we’re like two peas who thought the pod was too boring! Sometimes I can’t believe she’s only 8…we’re just so much alike…I wonder what that says about me….

    mandy mac…huh-what???????

    I’m glad you liked the little video, heather…I tend to make those when I’m bored, lonely or can’t sleep…and well, all three of those kicked in w/ this one! Nice to have you here!!!

  4. lol iono about all that…we do live in an apartment building with an extremely public parking lot…hmmmm…nah I think I’ll wait until we move into our home and then I can make a jacuzzi with my husband *gasp* *scandalous!* Love you..do you use aim?

  5. oooohhh….i love being “scandalous”!!!!
    and what’s a few peeping toms to stop you, eh??? I’ve lived at other people’s homes for over half of my marriage…I threw modesty out of the window w/in the first 3 months! 😉

    i know i have had aim in the past, but once i got my mac, i got lost…I think my slice took mine and ran w/ in on ichat…but i have no proof.

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